Thursday, February 18, 2010

Project Ethos 2010

by Jason | Executive Director

Hello 2010!!! Ok its already February. That's how crazy its been! We started the year off right with a charity benefit for Childrens Hospital Los Angeles that was awesome. Thanks to an amazing team at and everyone at the smoking hot Voyeur in West Hollywood. You can't ask for much more and when you see Scott Warren our Music Director with a drink in his hand in deep thought / pure bliss you feel extra accomplished lol. No really we will have numbers on what we raised soon.

Now on to LA Fashion Week.... with our Project Runway contestants Gordana and Jesus along with 8 other AMAZING designers, 12 visual artists, DJs and bands. You can see some of them on our participants page now... (go to our website and click on "Participants"). Not all are up yet. We also have ticket info and our press release up. Explore the site. 

We are so excited to have an amazing lineup and I sat down with Gordana and Jesus yesterday at their boutique in downtown San Diego. What great people - pure artists with so much passion. Music has been a bit tough with a huge festival in Austin the same weekend as fashion week... but we will pull off a miracle with local talent soon. MORE TBA woohooooooo!!!

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