Monday, February 27, 2012

Hyper Crush performing live at LA Fashion Week!

Monday, February 20, 2012

LA Fashion Week 3-13-12 Press Release

Project Ethos Revolutionizing LA Fashion Week
An updated live event with added mass exposure via web hub sets new benchmark
Los Angeles, CA- A new standard will be set for LA Fashion Week by Project Ethos on Tuesday, March 13th, 2012 at Avalon Hollywood (1735 Vine St  Los Angeles, CA 90028) with official sponsors Activate Water, Rusnak Auto Group, Audi, Snapsac and TNT Agency (styling all hair and makeup looks). Project Ethos will unveil a fresh take on bringing exposure to participants and is set to launch the concept at their first Spring event. Partnering with powerhouse event producers Jin&Quinn who have composed events for The Black Eyed Peas,  Blackberry, Ducati and more, this event will be an experience like no other for attendees.

Both industry and consumer will get a first look at the future of fashion, music and art with an earlier time for doors and the runway showcase, leaving extra time for a meet and greet with the participants. All mediums will debut in one room centralizing the excitement with a live musical performance from LA based Hyper Crush and live art installations from LabArt Gallery’s Sand-One, Jules Muck, and CYRCLE. The runway show will feature a dynamic group of designers including Danielle Pettee (Danielle the Dress Maker), Ermelinda Manos, Wen Guo (Boditecture), Melissa Velia (Melissa Velia), Janean Johnson (JaJo Couture), Regina Marie Woods (G. Marie), Edita Bandaryan (Edita Collection), Luis Mendoza & Yesica Medina (LUICA), Catherine Furio (Furio Apparel) and Johana Hernandez (GLAUDI by Johana Hernandez).

The diverse talent and action will all be captured on camera by for viewers worldwide. "After holding events in cities throughout the west coast, we realized that our participants need more exposure than to what's in their own back yard. is the answer.” Jason Peskin – Founder and C.E.O. 

Following the Ethos fashion show will certainly be an experience in itself with hosts Jin&Quinn at the helm. The “event within an event” will feature a live performance from The Seems, DJs Ditgital and Taryn Manning, and a fashion show.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Monday, February 13, 2012

ProjectEthos.TV: A New Platform and a New Beginning

Hello 2012.

A year said to be unlike any other, 2012 has finally arrived.  May it be the end of the world according to some, for Project Ethos it marks a new beginning.  Since our first show, Project Ethos has evolved into a production that has continued to exceed our wildest imaginations.  As a fusion of local media, local talent and—of course—locals, bringing you what is new under one roof, for one night is what Project Ethos is all about.  Driven by unprecedented opportunity, this year Project Ethos is ready to announce our next big step.

Beginning as a showcase of emerging talent in Los Angeles, Project Ethos has expanded into a multi-city event that pushes the contemporary limits of exposing what and who is new, now, and next.  Setting the stage for other groups who have attempted to follow in our footsteps, this movement has become a cultural phenomenon. By fusing the talent of underground movers with the minds of industry makers, this one night wonder is going digital. 

In an effort to bring the underground scene to a new place in the media market, Project Ethos is kicking off 2012 with a new mission.  To transform ourselves beyond a one-night production and into an online destination for local music, fashion and art with an all new ProjectEthos.TV.

As Project Ethos has made a point to share the work of local masterminds through exclusive events in cities such as San Diego, Los Angeles, Scottsdale, San Francisco, and Portland the next step is to share this show with the World Wide Web.  ProjectEthos.TV is a brainchild of everything you can expect from the in-house production in addition to weekly updates, videos and interviews from locals in music, art and fashion.  Featuring special interviews and behind-the-scene looks into the creative lives of folks from all over, ProjectEthos.TV is your new interactive gateway to discovering the next level of talent and entertainment.

So get ready for ProjectEthos.TV, we look forward to seeing you online!

Spring 2012 Press Release

Project Ethos to Launch Online Experience 
in partnership with United Motion Entertainment
Television based hub to provide mass exposure and sales for the emerging arts

Since 2005, the Project Ethos platform has primarily been live events - a fashion show, concert and art gallery all under one roof, in one night. Attendees have flocked to a fresh experience while participants received the tools they needed – unique innovation that put fashion, music, art, buyers, media and the public in the same room for the first time ever.

Partnering with Los Angeles based new-media studio United Motion Entertainment, Project Ethos is poised to bring the entire event experience online. The roll out of a web series based on past and present participants accompanied by a full blown online store will set the stage to revolutionize how designers, artists and musicians interact with the public.

"After holding events in cities throughout the west coast, we realized that our participants need more exposure than to what's in their own back yard. is the answer and will reach a thousand times the people that an event can creating a powerhouse direct-to-consumer model." Jason Peskin – Founder and C.E.O. Project Ethos

Cameras have already been rolling at the live events and behind the scenes creating over 60 hours of never before seen footage. Webisodes will cover everything from fashion shows and exclusive interviews, to backstage footage exploring the Ethos team in their daily routines.

“This digital launch will serve to make Project Ethos the preeminent platform for artists to showcase and sell their work in the global marketplace while giving consumers a place to experience a fresh dose of entertaining content every time they visit. This art based ecosystem will offer more to sponsors and participants alike and we are excited to be working with the Project Ethos team”. Brian “Bee” Williams – Co-Founder UME

In addition to the footage already compiled, the March 13th LA Fashion Week event and its participants will be featured.

"This is an exciting opportunity to prove that traditional and new-media can work hand in hand to form a powerful combination of unique talent and groundbreaking distribution. With digital innovations all around, the entertainment industry is poised to change substantially. Our goal is to provide guidance in adapting a new infrastructure tailored to the complex new-media landscape and create a world around Project Ethos that people across continents can dive into and identify with. Fashion shows will no longer be a privilege reserved for VIPs - everyone will get to enjoy! " Dominik Rausch - Co-Founder UME

2011: Fashion Re-cap

Our culture has a fascination with fashion. In displaying the raw aptitude behind the art of clothing, exposing designers with true flair is what we love to deliver. Project Ethos creates a unique opportunity for buyers, media and consumers to engage in a fun and fashionable atmosphere. The line-up is equipped with live runway show with live models who take the designer looks to the next level. Looking back on 2011, our fashion designer participation was unmatchable.

Last year, Frederick’s of Hollywood Swimwear officially launched their new swim line at each show and with the likes of Seth Aaron Henderson of Project Runway who premiered his ready-to-wear line at on our stage at LA Fashion Week in March, we strive to find and showcase designers that are fine and fierce. In addition, our Vitamin Water sponsor designer challenge offered a fresh take on inspiration. With local designers competing to win, attendees text-voted live on their favorite piece to determine the best look. Each city show featured hand-picked local faces for exclusive Made-In-the-USA exhibition of fashion. Just a few of our favorites from 2011, Seth Aaron Henderson LAFW 3-12-11, Johana Hernandez  (GLAUDI by Johana Hernandez) 10-14-11, Lauren Crafford (LHC Couture) SF 8-11-11, Elina Sheripova SD 9-15-11, Will.I.AM (I AM) LAFW 10-14-11.

2011 Music Re-cap

The 2011 Los Angeles Fashion Week show at The Avalon set the music bar for the rest of the year. Project Ethos LA began with a bang with a live performance by the soulful indie rockers, Robotanists, who debuted songs from their new record “Plans In Progress”. Afterward, Australian DJ Duo Yolanda be Cool was a favorite with their hit “We no Speak Americano”.

Other notable highlights were featuring such acts as Mann (SD), Geographer (SF), The Maul Shoppe (SD), and The Black Cards featuring Pete Wentz (LA).

With the power of the mp3, music today is heard in a multitude of ways. From the internet to iTunes, finding new music is instantaneous. While the web has allowed music to take on new forms of exposure, live music will always be true to unveiling real talent. Each Project Ethos is comprised of one-of-a-kind musicians selected by founder Jason Peskin and Music Director, Scott Warren who aim to find industry game-changers. In fact, it was Project Ethos 2010 that soulful Bruno Mars made his first live music appearance.

2011: Art Re-cap

“[In] 2011 Ethos traveled to four cities in the spring and again in the fall. It was a first for us, but what an invigorating experience it was. Being able to discover and seek out untapped talent in cities where a show like ours has never existed before” says Art Director, Dani Goodman of Project Ethos last season.

Art is the essence of culture and is key to unveiling a true underground ethos. In the same way we see changes in music and fashion trends, modern art is evolving just the same. New styles and tactics are tested and contested with each generation. All happening outside of museums and established galleries, contemporary art deserves a place to be seen, too.

Project Ethos makes way for local artists to connect with the world that inspires them. In selecting creative and artistic minds from each city, each Project Ethos is reflective of surrounding community in all respects. The art appreciated in LA is not going to be the same in San Diego, San Fran or Scottsdale, but that is what makes our show the only one of its kind.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Introducing: Towelmate

From Ricky Aladort, former Project Ethos Production Director:

It's five minutes to midnight and Far East Movement can't take the stage until I say the word "GO!" Over 2500 attendees danced and rocked-out to one of the hottest musical acts in the nation. At that moment Project Ethos 10 changed my life forever. 

In 2005, Jason Peskin gave me an opportunity to design a flyer for a new event he created, Project Ethos. I jumped at the chance to be a part of what I felt was a creative movement unlike any other. Four years later, that same flyer led to the production of the hottest event in Los Angeles. Project Ethos has become so influential in terms of providing a platform for artists, musicians, fashion designers, graphic designers, producers and all creative minds to express what they do best.

After 11 glorious shows, it was time to find my own "Project Ethos." I started a company called Towelmate and it was born out of that same creative spirit I found at that first show in 2005. The values I cultivated and nurtured in my time with Project Ethos gave me the skills and courage to go out on my own. I'm excited and proud to share with my Ethos family what I've been cooking up in my creative laboratory. I encourage you to check out my website: as we officially launch this week.

Without Project Ethos, I would not be where I am today. It's the joy and fulfillment that I received in my five years with Project Ethos that drives me to succeed. If you're receiving this newsletter, chances are that you've been to a show. I would recommend to anyone reading this that if your heart is in fashion, music or art, contact Project Ethos and you never know what role it may play in your dreams or someone else's. I did and I achieved mine ;)

- Ricky Aladort | Co-Founder & COO Towelmate, Inc.