Wednesday, September 28, 2011

LAFW: Flavor Fashionista Challenge

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

LA Fashion Week Designers

by Lindsey Thompson

The designers featured at Project Ethos’ upcoming event for LA Fashion Week are anything but ordinary. This extraordinary array of talent draws influence from all over the world. Not only culturally through style and tradition, but also through a larger world purpose; they create stunning fashions that are sure to create a stir this October. From Brian Terry, a true “Brit Boy,” to Sarah Nami Ahn, a US Army brat born in Korea, the show's eclectic styles will bring an international feel to LA Fashion Week.

Brian Terry, Designer of Brit Boy, focuses on bringing the feel of London style and design to the US. His designs range from apparel that features the Union Jack to euroclub party dresses. This creative and unique view of fashion comes from Terry’s extensive travels, experience in acting/photography, and his background as a former aerospace engineer.

Then we have Baltimore's own Lauren Nicole who is coming to LA to show off her wide range of experience that comes from designing costumes for the Los Angeles Ballet company to working for several LA based junior designers to styling a variety of personal clients. However, she admits that her real passion is creating one-of-a-kind custom party dresses. Now for the first time she is ready to show the world her complete ready-to-wear collection. Her design philosophy remains the same as it always has: "To design pieces that are missing from her own closet...pieces that make her happy...pieces that will make any woman feel like a rock star."

Our next designer, Sarah Nami Ahn, was born in Korea but raised in several parts of the world. She moved 22 times before she turned 18 and uses all the experiences in her life for her collection. Her designs are bold, colorful and aesthetically pleasing. They look trendy yet sophisticated. She is inspired by her heritage, especially the art of origami and her world travels. With her birthday being on Earth Day it has always been important for her work to be sustainable and to use green materials.

Environmental consciousness is not unfamiliar to our next designer. In fact, it is the brand’s main purpose. Multeepurpose aims to give fashion and design a deeper sense of meaning. By giving $1 for every item sold wholesale and 20% of every sale on their website, they make it effortless for LA fashionistas to support various Non-Profits. The best part is Multeepurpose lets you choose your purpose!

Purpose and helping the less fortunate is something Johana Hernandez, another Project Ethos participant, truly believes in. Her new line, GLAUDI, is designed for industry leaders to purchase so that proceeds can go to those in need. Her line features elegant, sleek and sensuous pieces that exude her unique personality. Johana's designs have been featured on Hannah Montana, worn by the Jonas brothers and sold in mass retailers.

Pentard Couture is all about fashion integrated with life. The designs are high quality and meant to exceed customer expectations. Designs have been worn by individuals with fast paced lifestyles. Actors to musicians, and celebrities of all kinds rely on Pentard Couture for red carpet events.

Another red carpet regular and Ethos participant is B by Aperire. This dynamic brand of shoes and handbags fits and crosses into many spirited cultures. B by Aperire is frequently featured in publications of Vibe Magazine, Glitter in Japan, and rocked by Nicki Minaj.  Electric colors and vibrant patterns, make B by Aperire irresistible!

Pumps, handbags, new collections, and so much more will be exhibited at LA FASHION WEEK so get your tickets NOW!!! See you there Fashionistas.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

LAFW Music Spotlight: Black Cards

by Megan Scott and Vanessa Vega

Ethos is back in LA everyone, and Black Cards, featuring Fall Out Boy’s former bassist/front man Pete Wentz, will be making their Los Angeles debut during LA FASHION WEEK!!! That's right, we’ve booked the electric sensation to play a live concert at the House of Blues on October 14th.

The Black Cards have toured overseas and performed three shows out on the east coast, but this will be their first performance in Cali and we are ecstatic to have them join us for LA Fashion Week. If you haven’t heard the Black Cards, they’re a mixture of dance/ska/reggae and rock/pop with a new sound referred to as “electropop”.

Grammy nominated, multi-platinum selling bassist, and lyricist, Pete Wentz is ready to tear up the stage with his new band Black Cards. Wentz was part of Fall Out Boy from 2002-2009 and when he took a break from music to focus on his new family, he found himself inspired by a new sound, and eager to share it with his fans.

The Black Cards emerged as a result of Pete's enlightening Jamaican vacation where he was inspired by Jamaican root reggae bands. He then enlisted pop vocalist, Bebe Rexha and Spencer Peterson on drums to create a new reggae infused, 80’s British rock sound. This band definitely knows how to get a crowd going and on their feet! So wear some comfortable shoes when you come to see them at ETHOS LA FASHION WEEK.

Black Cards music can be found at The band’s EP has not yet been released.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Project Ethos Stands Up To Cancer

by Vanessa Vega

We all know Project Ethos stands up for fashion, music, art, and now, to cancer! That’s right, Ethos is partnering up with the groundbreaking cancer dream team, Stand Up To Cancer. Ethos will be donating one dollar of every ticket sold from our Los Angeles Fashion Week show to SU2C. 

Why is Ethos partnering up with SU2C?  We are committed to creating awareness and building broad public support in order to prevent cancer.  “Cancer takes one person every minute. One life in a moment. They are our brothers, our sisters, our fathers and mothers, our husbands and wives, our best friends, our children, ourselves. Every day in America 1,500 people die, and yet, the means to save them are literally within our reach. To wait any longer for someone else to save our lives and the lives of those we love is unforgivable.”-SU2C

Stand Up To Cancer is a new initiative created to accelerate cancer research so we can start saving lives. SU2C's goal is to unite the best and the brightest in the cancer community and encourages collaboration instead of competition. By using the entertainment industry as a forum to advocate for scientific breakthroughs in the prevention, detection, treatment and even reversal of cancer, SU2C has created a sense of hope for all. Ethos and SU2C are determined to unlock the answers that will finally conquer cancer.  Are you?


LAFW Model Casting 09.24.11

This Saturday @ Project Ethos HQ...Spread the word!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Where the Heart Meets the Soul: LA House of Blues

by Vanessa Vega

Let’s face it, October is coming up and you want more FASHION, MUSIC, and ART! Well good thing Ethos is here to make it happen. So where exactly, will you find us during LA FASHION WEEK? Where The Heart Meets the Soul, also known as the House of Blues on Sunset.

The House of Blues Sunset Strip is one of the most exciting and world-famous entertainment destinations in all of Los Angeles. With over 3,500 hundred shows and performances from some of today’s legends, the House of Blues is the go-to spot for entertainment. Throughout history, the venue has welcomed superstars like Aerosmith, Prince, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Lil Wayne, Jay Z, Jonas Brothers and many more! So it’s no coincidence that Ethos will be next to light up the stage!

Project Ethos is ready to take LA by storm and lay out the red carpet for our legends in the making. One fashionista, one band, and one artist at a time, we will make sure all hearts meet the soul at least for one night! So stay tuned and keep Ethos on the mind so that you can be the first to get your tickets to LA FASHION WEEK before they sell out.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Project Ethos LA Artist Spotlight: Celena De Luna

by Thelma Annan

Based in Covina, CA, Celena is currently a Fine Arts Major at PCC (Pasadena City College), with a minor in Environmental Studies. Celena’s appreciation for art began at an early age. She first began by taking art classes when she was young and has continued practicing and pursuing her passion.

Rather than relying solely on her natural talent, Celena hopes to expand and improve on her craft.
Comfortable experimenting with an array of mediums, from colored pencil to spray paint, Celena admits,"I love me some strong colCurrently, Celena finds herself gravitating towards oil painting and screen printing.

Celena admits that her source of inspiration derives from people and humanitarian concepts, but most influentially, that of Indian culture. Fascinated with their common use of bright colors and detailed designs, Celena one day hopes to raise enough money through her art-inspired T-shirts to study abroad in India for art and philosophy. She also aspires to teach children in developing countries the importance of creativity and just how powerful the voice of art can be.

Celena hopes that her artwork will help inspire others, and overall, make a positive impact on how people treat not only each other, but the environment as well. She strives to change people’s perceptions on the definition of what beauty truly is.

So get familiar and check out this artist! Celena’s website is currently under construction, but if you are interested in her artwork and designs, feel free to contact her via Facebook.