Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Project Ethos Spotlight: San Diego Participants

by Vanessa Vega

Starting the evening with a bang is what Project Ethos is known for, which is why we have chosen to open with performances from The Maul Shoppe, Cuckoo Chaos, and Republic of Letters. Pop group, The Maul Shoppe, consider themselves to be a couple of dudes and one gal who have fun while playing in front of crowds who like to dance. Then we have the dance-inducing band, Cuckoo Chaos, who won “Best Alternative Band” in 2010 at the San Diego Music Awards and are currently finishing their highly anticipated debut full length record. And if that wasn't enough for you music enthusiasts, the unique sound of Republic of Letters will have you asking for more.  The Brit Pop influenced rock band will take over with heart-swelling choruses, energizing rhythms and a passionate vocal performance.

Cuckoo Chaos

Ready to talk fashion? The pristine white runway will become the centerpiece of the evening as the runway show commences. Official sponsor vitaminwater zero™ lends its support by sponsoring the “Flavor Fashionista Challenge.” A live text-to-vote will determine the winner as designers are given the opportunity to win prizes valued up to $3,000! The winning garment is inspired by a vitaminwater zero™flavor. Project Ethos, in cooperation with The Art Institute of California- San Diego, has selected students for a once in a lifetime opportunity to participate in the design challenge to jump start their careers. Our participants include Cecilia Torres, Elina Sheripova, Haley Hanson, Amanda Alkas and Steven Mayor. Elina Sheripova will be featured as the Official vitaminwaterzero™ Scholarship Designer due to her ground-breaking designs and creative drive. Project Ethos and vitaminwaterzero™ are proud to help Elina, a soon to be college graduate, launch her new collection and get the attention of tastemakers and industry representatives alike. 

If that wasn’t enough… The art gallery will host seven pioneering visual artists including Joseph Topacio, David Ross, Eric Wixon, Gloria Muriel, Scott Saw, Jordan Roberts and Dave Warshaw. Here’s the breakdown on some of SD’s contemporary urban surreal artists. Nationally recognized artist, David Ross, will be showcasing art about everyday life and humorous art about modern life. The “forever curious” artist Eric Wixon will provide viewers with a fictional forum filled with holistic art that is meant to provoke thought.  Then painters like Gloria Muriel will convey a glowing immediacy that evokes timeless worlds of mystery through acrylic paintings with dazzling color and symbol-rich iconography. While artist Scott Saw’s creations are more vibrant, energetic paintings have a surreal touch inspired by childhood memories and subconscious interpretations of the afterlife. To top it off, Dave Warshaw, a veteran tattoo artist, will be showcasing his distinctive, one-of-a-kind skin inspired art.  

"Being Wild" by David Ross

Friday, August 26, 2011

San Diego 09.15.11 @ House of Blues


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                       
Media Contact: Brianne Bear

Project Ethos Set for Biggest Showcase in San Diego to Date
An Array of Fashion, Music and Art Premiering at House of Blues

San Diego, CA – A night filled with fashion, music and art awaits you at the upcoming Project Ethos to be held on Thursday, September 15th 2011 at 8pm at the House of Blues San Diego 1055 5th Avenue San Diego, CA 92101. Official Media Sponsors Discover SD.com and Fashion 5.0 Magazine pairs with Project Ethos to support the groundbreaking mission of bridging the gap between the Indie and Mainstream worlds for it’s up and coming SD native participants.

The evening will begin with a series of local bands performing from pop group The Maul Shoppe to the dance-inducing Cuckoo Chaos and the rhythmic sounds of Republic of Letters. An art gallery will host seven groundbreaking visual artists including Joseph Topacio, David Ross, Eric Wixon, Gloria Muriel, Scott Saw, Jordan Roberts and Dave Warshaw. DJ sets will continue with a nightlong celebration.

The pristine white runway will become the centerpiece of the evening at 10pm as the runway show commences. Official sponsor vitaminwater zero™ lends its support at this affair by sponsoring the “Flavor Fashionista Challenge.” Designers are given the opportunity to win prizes valued up to $3,000 if their garment is chosen as the winning design as inspired by a vitaminwater zero flavor through a live text-to-vote. Project Ethos, in cooperation with The Art Institute of California- San Diego, has selected students to participate in the design challenge, giving students a once in a lifetime opportunity to furnish a jumpstart for their careers. They include Cecilia Torres, Elina Sheripova, Haley Hanson, Amanda Alkas and Steven Mayor. Elina Sheripova will be featured as the Official vitaminwater zero™ Scholarship Designer. Project Ethos and vitaminwater zero™ are proud to help Elina, a soon to be college graduate, launch her new collection and get the attention of tastemakers and industry representatives alike. Camille Wood (Dazzlme) will follow with her embellished line. In addition, sponsors and designers Cardiwrap by Kymaro and Frederick’s of Hollywood Swim will continue their tour of fashion shows with Project Ethos at this event.

The charity partner for this event is NEST, a nonprofit organization that empowers female artists around the world through interest free loans, mentoring from established artists and designers as well as providing a market to sell their crafts, successfully moving women from poverty to self-sufficiency. Project Ethos plans to donate $1 from every ticket sold to cause.

Diesel salon will act as the presenting sponsor by providing hair and make-up styling for the 30+ models. Discover SD.com will be granting one lucky winner and three of their friends a VIP experience at the event including walking the red carpet, access to the pre-show cocktail party and a reserved table.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Tradeshow Areas of MAGIC

Magic has seven different show areas: WWDMAGIC, S.L.A.T.E., STREET, MENS/WEAR, FNPLATFORM, PROJECT, and POOLTRADESHOW.


WWDMAGIC features women's apparel, accessories and footwear.  Women's Wear Daily's collaboration with MAGIC helps showcase more than 2,000 emerging and established brands with all kinds of trends and price points. You are sure to find the best in women's fashion at this show area.


Next is S.L.A.T.E., a show area dedicated to representing the underground streetwear labels in the surf, skate, art and music culture.

S.L.A.T.E. is known for showcasing indie to established designers with an authentic feel for fashion and lifestyle.

S.L.A.T.E. is the place to be for all things action and sports thanks to the launch of RIDE Unltd which combines action sports with streetwear.


The STREET show area is known for its global street style mixing fashion, sports and culture.

STREET brings together all types of lifestyles and trends from today's youth culture and makes up a diverse community connected by its urban outlook.


MENS/WEAR contains the most sought-after brands in men's fashion and includes sportswear, weekend casual, outerwear, and classic suits and separates.

Bringing together boutique brands and the biggest names in men's fashion MENS/WEAR focuses on the timeless pieces while touching on new trends in men's fashion.

FN Platform

With every outfit you need the perfect shoes. In FN Platform, you're dealing with over 1,500 new and emerging labels in branded footwear for men, women, juniors and children. FN Platform provides industry insight via educational initiatives; footwear buying workshops,
markets forecasting by Sterne Agee. There are seminars that highlight emerging technology, social media and much more. This gives businesses the push they need to have the ability to shop footwear with the concept of what consumers will be buying and wearing next season. FN Platform has unique merchandise that goes from footwear for the modern man, juniors & kids, the balance between style & comfort, Sport-inspired shoes, women’s fashion, and lastly, the luxury collection. Some of the brands that are involved with the FN Platform
can go from the big leagues to a new and up-coming designer that could be the biggest star. You've got Baby Phat, BCBG MAXAZRIA, Fergie, Michael Kors and many other name brands that you might have heard of.


Project, the world's preeminent contemporary fashion trade event, features the most suitable brands and can attract important retailers in the global marketplace. Project is held 365 days, meaning that Project never sleeps and their always on top of their trends and the community they have. They help with emerging artists just like ETHOS, and they give the push to young and new designers to become the best and biggest they can be. They also help their clients with setting them up to collaborate with up and coming designers too. This is called Project 10, where they gather 10 collaborations and use these masterpieces to showcase what that team could do together and how they can bring out the best in both artists.


Similar to what ETHOS and Project do to an extent, POOL TRADESHOW is an original independent tradeshow that was established in 2001 for boutique markets and leading retailers worldwide. POOL is a community of art and design that has driven brands creating connections in the industry for creative visionaries.

What would ETHOS get out of MAGIC? Well what wouldn’t you get out of it? With numerous brands all coming together for this 3-day event.

Along with PROJECT and POOL TRADESHOW coming together, ETHOS can continue to network with industry professionals.  With ETHOS holding it down here in the U.S with our designers, musicians and artists, we can expand to helping amazing, progressing, and talented designers that are in different countries. Project ETHOS can bring out fresh, new, and out of this world flair to the U.S, something that can change the fashion world all because we went to MAGIC.

All these show areas have different events catering to what they focus on and make it a great educational and networking opportunity for its attendees. With only three days and so much to see, plus FNPLATFORM, PROJECT and POOLTRADESHOW, hopefully the attendees have time to take it all in. I can't imagine how amazing it would be to attend!

The Magic Marketplace

Written By Jacqueline Aro, Marra Manansala, Ashley Rivas, and Sergio Sanchez

MAGIC, or The Magic Marketplace, is a bi-annual trade show that showcases men's and women’s apparel, accessories and footwear. It has become the largest apparel and accessory trade event in the U.S. The tradeshow previews trends and apparel to hundreds of thousands of people whom attend from all over the world. Each February and August the largest and most influential network of buyers, brands, and media unite for this event and provide an inside perspective on the trends that will influence consumers today.  Fashion is ever changing, and new trends and merchandise are always in demand.

MAGIC, short for Men’s Apparel Guild in California, started as an association of Los Angeles men’s wear manufacturers in 1933. Around that time, the association went by Men’s Wear Manufacturers of Los Angeles. In 1942, their first show, the Roundup, took place in Palm Springs. Six years later, the association officially became the Men’s Apparel Guild in California.

Unlike today, MAGIC had two locations for its biannual shows, with the first covering the spring and summer markets in Palm Springs, while the Fall and Winter market shows took place in San Diego. Both shows found their home in the Los Angeles Convention Center in 1979 and, through its growth, opened its doors for retailers worldwide to participate. A widespread interest initiated MAGIC’s reputation as the largest, most anticipated fashion trade show in the world. Since 1989, MAGIC has settled down permanently in Las Vegas. The city is the most convenient host to the event since nearby hotels are able to accommodate the hundreds of thousands buyers and participants.

However, MAGIC has had its share of downfalls. Attendance is often unpredictable, but that goes for any trade show. Despite this uncertainty, attendance steadily increases with every event; MAGIC seems to surpass the economic roadblocks.  The environment is busy and full of competition, which often makes it difficult for businesses to keep buyers interested at their booths. Business owners have to work up some magic of their own to stand out amongst the thousands of booths.

Though the show is made for the buyer, seminars, better known as Sourcing, at MAGIC are offered to participating business owners to motivate and inspire success. These educational seminars are lead by the industry’s most influential leaders.

In addition, participants are able to set up appointments with buyers through an invaluable database of contact information. You know what they say: It’s networking, networking, networking! MAGIC allows participants to strategically place their booths in specific areas to target buyers. Emerging labels get the chance of a lifetime to showcase their merchandise amongst the big dogs, including Steve Madden, Marc Jacobs, and DKNY. As we all know, opportunities for lines to get carried in stores don’t show up at doorsteps every day. MAGIC seems to be that chance to create business partnerships and exposure to help advance businesses of all sizes. Prices to participate in the trade show can run a little steep, but in the world of fashion, you can’t afford to be left in the dark. Attendees should devise some kind of game plan as to what they want to see due to the size of this iconic trade show.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

All Good Things Must Come to an End

When I first began this internship I was so excited. However I figured that, like most things, the sparkle and excitement would fade once I started working more. Quite the opposite. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the longer I worked the more fun I had. I got to know the girls in the office more and I got to know all the other interns more. I found myself looking forward to what crazy conversations would take place that day (like actually meeting people who had never seen The Sandlot) and the two hour long debates on where we should go for lunch. 
Amongst all the talk of ice cream cookie sandwiches and deep fried anything, though, I found my fellow interns and I actually learning. We learned how to overcome the fear of calling buyers and curators, how to let the rude comments and hang ups from buyers and curators roll off our backs, and how to work together to contribute something significant to all of our shows. I must say I am so grateful to have been able to have this experience and to work with such talented people. It turned out to be more than I ever thought it could be.

Thanks Project Ethos for an amazing summer!

I still remember the e-mail my instructor sent to our class about an internship for Project Ethos, a fashion, music and art company. I sent my resume in and was excited to hear from Brianne, the PR Director, shortly after. It was already time for our orientation meeting, where we would meet Jason, the owner, Brianne, as well as the other interns. We were lucky to end up with such a great crowd. Now it is hard to believe that this is my last day at the office here in LA already. Over the past months we got some insight of the business behind the events Project Ethos puts on. There is a lot of work in all different areas that needs to be taken care of and it was interesting to learn step by step how we could help out and do research to find all the information that was needed. However, it is time for me to say bye and thank you to Project Ethos for the great opportunity.

-Susanne Truthmann

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Art Scene Hits the Streets in San Diego

By Hannah Dellinger

This September Project Ethos is going back to San Diego, home of colorful, exciting, and fresh graffiti art. There are murals all over the city that combines spray paint and acrylic on all kinds of surfaces. A big trend in the San Diego art world is for street artists to collaborate together in order to make art that breaks boundaries and is designed for the whole community to enjoy.

Chor Boogie

Chor Boogie is one of San Diego’s premier street artists. He was born and raised in San Diego and decided at a young age that he would be an artist. Boogie’s artwork is influenced by classical painters like Michelangelo, surreal artists like Dali, and is infused with spray-painting techniques from modern day graffiti artists like Phase2. Boogie uses unique colors, movement, shapes, and light in his work in order to wake up the viewer. He paints on buildings because it gives the piece a sense of belonging and creation that every passerby can enjoy and appreciate.

Dave “Bunny Kitty” Persue
Dave Persue, also known as “Bunny Kitty”, has a collection of spray paint art all over San Diego that is unique, hip, and fun. You can easily identify one of Persue’s murals by his trademark cartoon cat wearing a rabbit costume. Persue’s artwork takes a spin on traditional graffiti, using bright pinks and purples, and characters that have a cute playful cartoon quality. Persue is also known for working with other promising San Diego street artists. His latest collaboration was part of the SD Wall Session series on July 4th and 5th at an art supply store.

Gloria “Glow” Muriel
Gloria Muriel, also known as “Glow,” primarily works with acrylic on canvas to create an enchanting and melancholy world of surreal subjects immersed in nature. Muriel has recently branched out to work with mural mediums and with other San Diego street artists. Whether Muriel’s work is on canvas or a building, she uses symbols and mystery to express an intermingling feeling of sadness and joy. She paints girls with large, sad eyes that are immersed in nature and music to symbolize losing yourself in another world of creativity.

Michael “Monstrinho” Amorillo
Michael Amorillo, also known as “Monstrinho” (Portuguese for little monster,) draws inspiration from the beach scene of San Diego. Amorillo uses a variety of mediums including spray paint and acrylic on all kinds of surfaces. His work pops off of buildings and bursts with color and imagination. Amorillo’s art takes inspiration from musicians like Bob Marley, Os Gemeos, and Keith Herring. His early interest in comic books accounts for the story-telling quality of his art. The theme for Amorillo’s art is the feeling of complete freedom without limitations or boundaries.

Project Ethos SF Post Release

Media Contact: Brianne Bear

Project Ethos’ Sophomore Event Sells Out
A capacity crowd of consumers and attendees gathered to appreciate top local talent

San Francisco, CA – The worlds of fashion, music and art collided last Thursday, August 11th at supperclub bringing an explosion of emerging talent to the forefront of entertainment. Members of the industry in addition to event goers were all on hand filling the multi-story venue to capacity to witness an evening of sophistication and artistry.

Calrton Hair winner Margarita Melano lit up the red carpet when she entered with her sleek and funky up-do created at the nearby Carlton Hair Salon. She then toted a gift bag featuring bath salts and lip balms from By Nieves, shampoos and conditioners from Bumble and Bumble, decorative reusable water bottles from Earthlust, magazines from Official Media Sponsor 7 x 7 Magazine and more.

Dragon Fly designs from NEST the charitable partner for the evening set up in Bar Rouge to sell their incredible semi-precious stone jewelry and educate attendees on how NEST helps women go from poverty to self-sufficiency in third world countries.

The upstairs art gallery featured pieces hung on chainlink fences and was abuzz with curators, media and art lovers alike as five local visual artists were on display. Next to it was a vendor table for JewelMint by Kate Bosworth which sold pieces from their online boutique. A Meet and Greet with participants was held in the Bar Rouge including hosted cocktails from Pink Pigeon while AmpLive performed for the masses.

Attention was turned towards the white runway that was lined with glowing vitaminwater zero™ bottles. Sultry Frederick’s of Hollywood Swim stepped first on to the runway, followed by Cardiwrap by Kymaro. Next, the garments as part of the “vitaminwater zero™  Flavor Fashionista Challenge” were showcased including Lauren Crafford (LHC Couture), Stephanie Verrieres & Kimie Sako (Verrieres & Sako) and Wen Guo (Boditecture). 

The over one thousand text-in votes resulted in the award, valued at $3,000 going to Larissa Verdussen (RAG-DOLL designs). “My vitaminwater zero™ flavor was DRIVE. I was inspired by the sweet, energetic orange drink. I was also inspired by the name. I made this garment in two days and try to make at least one garment every day that I am in my shop. Since the theme for this challenge was “Going Green” my reclaimed piece was a mens jacket that I made into a bussel. I’m so excited!”

DJ Ajax kept the crowd partying until last call.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Project Ethos Music Spotlight: Friendly Fires

by Margarita Castellanos

There’s nothing better than a refreshing sound that intoxicates you and slips you into an electric trance of lush shoegaze melodies. England natives, Friendly Fires brings an aurora of sound to your ears. With their latest LP, Pala, the trio brings the nightlife of the tropics to you with the smooth mesmerizing vocals of lead singer Ed Macfarlane, hypnotic synth chords and intricate drum beats. The entire album is a collision of 80s euphoria and tropic sensation. Every track is pure sugarcane ear candy.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Miami Swim Week 2011

by Vanessa Vega & Danielle Harmon

Nothing rounds up models quicker than warm weather, sandy beaches, the boardwalk, and Miami Swim Fashion Week. From Miami, LA, and Australia to Brazil, Miami Swim Week 2011 was full of international inspiration and overwhelming success. Imagine a week full of slick sexy metallic, high-tech fabrics resistant to salt and chlorine-fade, stripes of every kind, bright pastels, neon prints, and silhouettes that transform swim suits into art. The diversity throughout Miami Swim was inevitable and inspired by everything from travel, to ecological responsibility, and even alcohol like SKYY Vodka. Here is a break down of Miami Swim Fashion Week and some insight from a previous Ethos participant that was also recently part of the electrifying Salon Allure in Miami.

Mercedes Benz Swim Week, which took place at the Raleigh Hotel, is the relaxed, laid-back summer version of NY Fashion Week. With the events starting later in the day, everyone participating and attending are able to enjoy their time and soak up the Miami sun. Designers from all over the world came out to present their new, barely there swimwear lines, including, White Sands Australia, Poko Pano, Beach Bunny Swimwear, Crystal Jin, L*Space by Monica Wise, Wildfox Swimwear, Caffé Swimwear, Mara Hoffman Swim, Aqua Di Lara, A.Ché, Red Carter, Cia.Marítima, Luli Fama, Luxe by Lisa Vogel, Lisa Blue, Nicolita and True Religion. But the designer that took the crown for best designer had to be Diesel. Diesel was not only the kick off show with Gossip Girl’s Jessica Szhor as the guest DJ, but they also had Laguna Beach and The Hills star, Kristin Cavallari, walking the runway in the world’s first glass bikini inspired by their sponsor SKYY Vodka.

Salon Allure returned this year at the W Hotel and Residences, as the first and only exclusively luxury swim, fiber, and resort tradeshow. The designers collections were presented differently than the average show at Swim Week. They were showcased in ocean front studios and suites. Salon Allure allowed a limited amount of people to attend and the intimate environment lead to the show's success. Because of the limited space most attendees were buyers, which gave the buyers and designers more time to network. Designer Red Carter said, “We spent more time with representatives that aligned with our business goals. We were able to be more strategic, which lead to more business”. The participating designers included: Red Carter, Diesel, Tori Praver, Mara Hoffman, Jessica Simpson, Nycked, Lisa Curran, 6 Shore Road, Martha Rey, and previous Project Ethos participant, biKa by AmbiKa Sanjana.

Mogul Events and ecosystM created the first annual Haute Natured sustainable swimwear show at The Setai Hotel. Although Haute Natured was a sideshow of Mercedes Benz Swim Week, it still brought a lot of attention. The designers, including Eco Swim, Linda Loudermilk, Meadow, and MAE Couture, took designing a bikini to the next level. The designers used recycled bottles, upcycled fabrics and repurposed military parachutes to create the eco-friendly designs. Linda Loudermilk received a lot of attention by creating the world’s first fully compostable bathing suit. Loudermilk said “the suit won’t dissolve on a woman’s body, but bury it under dirt, like in a land fill, and it would break down within 180 days”. Haute Natured also kept the green theme going with celebrity green-carpet arrivals and electric sports car displays by Tesla.

Swim Week’s charitable side, Style Saves, is a non-profit that raises money to buy school clothing for foster children and underprivileged youth. They celebrated their one year anniversary at the Soho Beach House with an event that included three runway shows and much more. The participants for the event included Trina Turk, B. Rawlings, Papi, and Neiman Marcus. Models walked the runway as DJ’s Ess and Emm provided the musical entertainment, and the show ended with an after-party sponsored by Moët & Chandon Imperial Ice. Luxury goods and services were silently auctioned off and all proceeds from the event went to benefit Style Saves’ students.

Previous Project Ethos Participant, Ambika shares her insight about Swim Week:

Project Ethos: What sets Salon Allure apart from other trade shows?
Ambika: Salon Allure was definitely different than other trade shows I have been to in a few ways. The setting: The show was at the beautiful W hotel on South Beach. One entire floor was booked and dedicated to swimwear designers, each room serving as our "booth". The view was the stunning ocean and beach which seemed the appropriate setting for a swimwear trade show. The intimacy: The setting provided an intimacy that was refreshing. Instead of the traditional gigantic convention center, with buyers huddling down isles, this set up allowed for a more personal interaction. The set up: There was a kick-off fashion show on the opening night showcasing all the participating designers. Each evening there was a "media lounge" for a couple of hours...where all the designers, buyers and media networked over cocktails sponsored by Grey Goose. We made some amazing contacts here in this informal setting.

PE: Would you participate in it next year?

A: I would absolutely participate in this show next year. I feel like it was a great show and we had an amazing experience.

PE: Did you receive any orders or did you feel the show was just a preview of upcoming swimwear?

A:  We did receive orders at this show, as well as tons of contacts, media and press coverage.

Project Ethos: What did you enjoy the most about the show?

A:   I loved meeting and interacting with all the other talented designers. I met some amazing people and really loved the venue.

PE: Would you change anything about the show or do you have suggestions on how to improve it for next year?

A:   All around it was pretty amazing, however if there was one suggestion I could offer it would be...better lighting and sound at the fashion show. The lighting was not ideal for photographers, media and photo journalists. I would have set up the ramp different.

PE: Final comments?

A:   Miami Swim Week is a must experience for all swimwear designers. Being in the city filled with every hot swimwear company out there, models, celebs, hot pool parties and the rising temperatures - priceless.

Project Ethos Fashion: Tall Tennies

by Sarah Clifford

I’ve been feeling nostalgic recently for simpler times, when my shopping was solely at Limited Too (now "Justice," say whaa?) and homework was all about memorizing your times tables.  I miss the days when my wardrobe staples were black velvet flares, a neon yellow sweater, and my go-to shoes: Sbicca platform tennies circa 1998.  As most of girls of my generation will admit, the Spice Girls played a crucial role in my sense of style.  Their cropped tops, bellbottoms and insane platforms just seemed so right.

Well thanks to a new fashion trend, I don’t have to miss those beloved Sbiccas much longer – platforms are back.  Clearly platforms in the way of wedges and some select boots have been present in the fashion world for quite some time, so that’s really nothing new.  But, I’m talking about good old tennis shoes…with an insane platform.

Now I’m guessing you’re probably reading this and thinking the girls at Project Ethos are losing it, but I beg to differ.  Reach deep down, find your inner Spice Girl, and I’m sure you’ll be just as stoked as I am about the resurrection of this fabulous footwear. 

The trend is in its infant stages right now, popping up on blogs (SRC783) and in a few photos of daring fashionistas who are brave enough to be our shoe soldiers. 

The true sign that the platform sneakers were wiggling their way back in was at Prada’s spring 2011 ready-to-wear collection featuring some killer platform sneakers.  I’m still drooling over these, like most others – there was (is?) a wait list to snag a pair of these sweet kicks.

Leave us a comment and let us know if you’re down with these tall shoes.  Are you all about it (like me!) or are you thinking, “One word: hideous”?

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Project Ethos Music Spotlight: The Cab

By Thelma Annan

In need of an authentic, fresh sound in your iPod? Look no further than Las Vegas originators, The Cab. A city known for its bright lights and even brighter talent, this alternative band offers catchy lyrics and sounds. For fans of Fall Out Boy and Panic! At the Disco, The Cab emerged onto the scene with their single, “I’ll Run” off their debut album Whisper Wars.

This band has gone through their share of ups and downs, concerning former band mates and parting ways with their label ‘Fueled by Ramen.’ But just like any survivor, this band continued on, dedicated to their music, but most admirably to their fans.

Currently on summer tour with band, All Time Low, be on the lookout for their upcoming album ‘SymphonySoldiers.’ It’s been a long time coming, but from the sounds of it, it definitely will not disappoint!

You can check out their website for the latest news: http://www.thecabrock.com/
Or follow them on Twitter: @TheCab

Check out their latest single, "Bad," from their sophomore album Symphony Soldiers, which will be released August 23rd:


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Reinvention of the first Social Network

by Teresa Ciancinino

It is no secret that we live in the digital age. Today we are connected every possible way. We have iPods with Wi-Fi, smart phones with the Internet at the touch of our fingertips, wireless Internet hubs that can be accessed from the most remote locations. The last ten years have brought the information super highway into the forefronts of everyone’s lives and has made social media the hottest new thing to become involved with.

We all remember Myspace, it seems like just yesterday my best friend was forcing me create a profile and become another Myspace addict. Almost a decade has gone by since Myspace debuted and it is no longer the giant of social networks, Facebook is now the dominant site for keeping in touch with friends. Myspace, however, is not content with taking the backseat to this whirlwind obsession that has become Facebook. 

Myspace was once a destination for up and coming musicians, and thanks to Justin Timberlake and the Specific Media Company, it will once again try and play a pivotal role in the entertainment industry. Myspace was bought for a mere $35 million from NewsCorp, owned by Rupert Murdoch.

The idea is to reinvent what is already in place and turn Myspace into a celebrity-driven entertainment destination, hence where Justin Timberlake comes in. Specific Media is insistent that artists such as Timberlake are eager to have a place where they can post original content, and where fans can have it more readily accessible.

Facebook would no longer be competition, but rather, the two sites would compliment each other; artists will be able to manage their Facebook sites from their Myspace profiles.

No specific plans have been released for the exact idea and design behind the ever-changing site, but the ultimate goal is to turn the failed social network site into a "premiere digital destination" for original shows, video content and music.” Sounds like another Youtube; guess we’ll just have to wait and see what the future brings.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Last Shift at Project Ethos

by Madyson Scully

Crazy as it seems, it is my final shift as an intern here at Project Ethos! Being my first internship, I definitely gained valuable knowledge about the business world in general, as well as the fashion, music, and art industry. I learned firsthand how to be a successful salesperson, as well as effectively researching and storing important information for upcoming shows. Project Ethos was the perfect place for me to start as I enter further into my education and working career. There was a casual, positive feel in the office; music was always playing, and we, food-obsessed interns, always had our 2 o’clock lunch break, after drooling over every online menu.

Not only did I gain personal experience and education about business, I learned the importance of teamwork and cooperation within an entire company. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses, extra knowledge about one place, artist or genre of music, and when all shared and collaborated, it makes things go smoothly and time effectively. Whether I was calling and inviting VIP curators or researching new venues, or even writing blogs, these past few months working at Project Ethos have taught me important lessons for the years to come. I have gained confidence in my abilities as an employee and as a knowledgeable salesperson for the company.

I look forward to continuing my studies at USC, even as I change my mind on my career choice probably every week. I hold strong interests in law, business, psychology, and even French, but I know that no matter where I end up, I will look back on this internship with great merit and appreciation.

Project Ethos Music Spotlight: Amp Live

by Jacqueline Aro
Project Ethos will be in San Francisco on August 11th to showcase up and coming talented artist in fashion, music, and art. One of the artists from the music category is Amp Live a local Bay Area music producer/DJ and a former group member of Zion 1. His unique beats fall into the Electroacoustic, Ghettotech, and Hip Hop genres. His latest album "Murder at the Discotech" was launched on June 15th of 2010 and is available in stores now.
Amp Live has produced for many artists such as Akon, Linkin Park, MGMT, Nicole Scherzinger from the Pussycat Dolls, Goapele, and Flipsyde. He has also produced music for TV shows and movies such as "So You Think You Can Dance", "Americas Next Top Model", "Friday Night Lights", and "Big Fat Liar" just to name a few.

Amp Live has also worked in the the video game industry; his production was one of the major features for the Sony Traxxpad. For more information on Amp Live check out these sites:


Monday, August 1, 2011

San Francisco Talent Lineup

All Night Art Exhibition

Live performances by:

Designers competing in the Flavor Fashionista Challenge:

For more event info visit: http://on.fb.me/obG8hG
To purchase tickets: http://bit.ly/pbHhpZ