Friday, July 29, 2011

Building the Nest

by Marra Manansala
To continue the spirit of shedding light on deserving talent, we decided to team up with an awesome nonprofit called Nest for our upcoming event in San Francisco on August 11th.
Nest provides small, interest-free loans to women overseas to create their very own small businesses. Their products are sent to be sold here in the U.S. Personally, I believe results are amazing and inspiring. First, there’s a continuation of ancient traditions from around the world being sold through the Western marketplace, and even in mainstream brands.
These Reef flip flops were woven by four communities of Mayan women in the Highlands.
LORD + TAYLOR, in collaboration with Feed 3, used traditional ikat fabrics made by Guatemalan women to create a colorful array of tote bags. Feed 3 later made a second round of bags, this time sold exclusively through American Eagle Outfitters.


Bags for American Eagle
 Nest chose to focus on communities of women for reasons that often go unnoticed. Women, for centuries, have been the artists of the family. Think about it. Mothers have made clothing for the family, improvised or created household objects, and have decorated the home. Nest believes the inherent skills women possess provides for a business model that allows for a stable income.
Lastly, Nest provides a bridge to cross from poverty to self-sufficiency for these women. The success of Nest has shown one critical pattern – the funds these women earn from Nest trickle down in benefit of their children and the overall community. There’s food on the table, medicine for wounds, and a new found sense of community that was, at one point, unable to be attained due to economical or cultural roadblocks for women.  As far as the loans Nest provides to these women, no monetary payback is expected. Instead, Nest asks for sellable material in order to continue the cycle of profit to loans for more communities in need. This basic model is used to avoid any cultural stigma of loans, and an often irreversible cycle of debt.
Nest Overview from Nest on Vimeo.

Nest is definitely an inspiring nonprofit to work with. If you’re interested in volunteering or interning, visit to view all the opportunities in your area. Come to our show on August 11th at Supperclub in San Francisco too, $1 from every ticket sold will be donated to Nest.  See ya there!

Project Ethos Spotlight: San Francisco Artists

by Sarah Clifford

In just a few short days, Project Ethos will be heading up to San Francisco and we couldn’t be more psyched about the artists who will showing their work at the show.  Locals Kelly Clancy, Lawrence Yang, Tony Papesh, and Boris Jovanovic all bring something new and exciting to the table, making for an unforgettable art show on August 11.
Kelly Clancy
Kelly Clancy
Kelly Clancy
Kelly Clancy, originally from Philadelphia, clearly has a passion for art, but also is currently studying neuroscience at UC Berkeley.  Her dream-scape imagery in comic style balances a fine line between

Clancy is clearly changing comic style, challenging people to view her commentary as a unique take on social and political times.  She finds inspiration in her dreams and from the impossible task of applying rationale to the irrational.  Clancy herself says her pieces range in topics, from “alienation to love; from decay to globalism; from faith to the nameless fears that pervade our psyches.” 

Clancy’s illustration series, ‘Kids with Guns’ shows an amazing attention to detail with colors draw the viewer’s eye to different emphases in each piece.  This same attention to detail carries over to other aspects of her work, including paintings and design.

To check out Clancy’s inspired works, head to her website.

Lawrence Yang
Lawrence Yang
Next up we have the amazing Lawrence Yang, an artist with graffiti art and traditional Chinese painting influences.  With that kind of combination, you know you’re in for some astounding one-of-a-kind art, and that’s exactly what you get.

Yang works with ink, marker, and watercolor, using color in dramatic ways.  His bright and colorful images bring surreal characters and settings to life – making you think he’s crawled into your head and painting one of your most vivid dreams. 

He’s been drawing since he was a kid, and we’re sure his talent will continue to grow and develop.  Yang is currently living in SF with his (I already love him) “imaginary pets, Cholo and Binky.”

Check out his profession website here or his personal blog with updates on currently projects here.

Tony Papesh
Tony Papesh
Tony Papesh
Tony Papesh is the next SF artist you can expect to see at supperclub.  This guy is an all around artist, working in the fields of digital, sketch and paintings.  Here’s  another artist who really knows how to utilize color. 

Still within the supernatural, whimsical realm, Papesh’s images and sketches are consuming.  The simplicity and attention to detail usually has me staring at his work for much longer than I’ve realized.  His work has a way of drawing you in and will either make you laugh, or think really hard.  To see what I mean, you can see his work on his website.

Boris Jovanovic
Boris Jovanovic
Boris Jovanovic
And last, my certainly not least, is the talented Boris Jovanovic.  When I first saw his work, all I could think was, “I need that.”  Jovanovic was born in Yugoslavia and used sketching as an escape when he was younger.  Now based in San Francisco, his art has a dark beauty, often with hints of tension.

Amazing use of color seems to be a theme with our SF artists, something that is oh so refreshing.  Jovanovic uses splashes of color in his pieces, but they never overpower the art.  Instead, his subtle use and pops of color are meant to represent glimmers of hope.

His art usually has many layers, each bringing something new to the piece.  To see some of his stuff and learn more about Boris Jovanovic, check out:

SF Designers in Action!

It's a race against the clock! Only two more weeks until these designers showcase their one-of-a-kind garments on the Ethos runway!

Stephanie Verrieres and Kimie Sako of Verrieres & Sako

Wen Guo of Boditecture

Lauren Crafford of LHC Couture

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Project Ethos Fashion: San Francisco Designer Spotlight

In just a couple of weeks, Project Ethos will be taking over the great town of San Francisco to spread the word and mission of blossoming talent in the realms of fashion, music, and art.   On August 11th, four breakout designers will be stepping up to represent Northern California in the exciting and ever changing world of fashion.  These emerging designers will showcase an original vitaminwater zero flavor inspired garment on the runway to be voted on live, via audience text-to-vote.  The winner of this Flavor Fashionista Challenge will receive up $3,000 in prizes.

Lauren Crafford of LHC Couture --
Inspired by the effortless class and beauty of her great grandmother, Lauren Hyde Crafford (hence the LHC) has been designed clothing with a mission: make women feel beautiful.  With this message strong in mind, Crafford has produced two collections that play with pastels, shapes, and fabric drapery.  Crafford's newest take on the female form will be seen first in August with Project Ethos.  Lauren will be presenting a garment inspired by the vitaminwater zero flavor "Glow."

Wen Guo of Boditecture --
Pushing the boundaries of fashion, form, and function with her architecture inspired collections, Wen Guo knows the meaning of versatility.  Using zippers, buttons, and string as more than just accents, Guo flawlessly creates day and night duo looks within one stylish garment.  With each collection produced by Boditecture, Guo showcases a new vision more complex than the last.  Wen will be showcasing a garment inspired by the vitaminwater zero flavor "Rhythm."

Stephanie Verrieres & Kimie Sako of Verrieres & Sako --
From their first collection in 2006 to dressing a major guest at Barack Obama's 2008 Presidential Inauguration, design partners Stephanie Verrieres and Kimie Sako have been gaining nationwide recognition for their classic chic gowns and separates.  Known best for their high waisted skirts and intricate fabric manipulation, Verrieres & Sako will bring the high glam drama to the Ethos Runway.  Their Flavor Fashionista garment will be inspired by the flavor "Go-Go." 

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bloomfest LA

Looking for something to do this Saturday? Head to the Downtown Arts District for a FREE event! Yes free! Support Project Ethos alums Voxhaul Broadcast and Love Grenades at Bloomfest LA featuring other music performances, street art, and food. Visit for more event info. Enjoy!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Carlton Hair Experience: San Francisco

Presenting sponsor Carlton Hair will offer "The Carlton Hair Experience" the winner of which will receive VIP  treatment at a local salon, attend the event with three friends, walk the red carpet and get a private table and bottle service.  To enter, text CARLTONSF to 55678.

Here are a few of our past winners:

LA Fashion Week 03.12.11 -

Project Ethos Music Spotlight: Telefunk

by Lacee Blancher

Calling all music junkies…listen up! You are going to want to be the first to know about this up and coming band called Telefunk. Although the group is reasonably new to the music biz, they have already gained a substantial fan base in a small amount of time.  Telefunk is an American Alternative Hiphop/ House group formed in 2009 by two brothers, Producer, Rapper and Multi Instrumentalist Chukwuemeka “Ryan Francisca” Nwankwo and Singer/Songwriter Chinedu “Troy Francisca” Nwankwo in their apartment in Costa Mesa, CA. Despite the fact the band is fairly recent, both brothers had started making records back in 2003 when Ryan produced their mother ‘s first studio album titled Hello Africa. The album was marketed in South Africa, but never got any recognition. Their lyrics are 100% original from everyday experiences and musical sounds are produced from basically nothing but pure talent and skill by Ryan and his keyboard.

You may ask…how do I know so much info about this band? Google? Research? Rumors? Word on the street? ... No, in fact I have had a great opportunity to meet the band and despite their busy schedule, hold a meet and greet. So in fact, all these details are well-documented from the mouths of the band members themselves. Also, I was able be a fly on the wall behind the scenes at their latest video shoot for their new song "LA Anthem", and obtain an intimate, on camera interview exclusively for Project Ethos. Keep checking our blog because it will be released soon with private clips from the video shoot in downtown LA. To boot, the members of the band have a contradictory self-image. When talking with them of course they think their music is amazing, which clearly it is, but on the other hand, they have a humble attitude. For example they explained a story to me when they were walking at a shopping mall like any other day, when a fan recognized them and mentioned how their song touched his life, which was almost like an unreal situation. Also, to their surprise, the fan was an older aged man who was not their ultimate target market. This circumstance reveals the diversity Telefunk has to offer.

One characteristic the band possesses that sets themselves apart from other groups is the sense of closeness and family between everybody involved in their lives. Obviously, the brothers share a special bond, but that is beside the point. They use their own home for meetings, video/photo shoots, producing and writing their music, use the same cameraman, same sponsors, models, stylists, makeup artists, anybody who may be involved in any aspect. Furthermore, Troy Francisca is the main songwriter for the group. His view of music is also another attribute that sets them apart. In his view, of course fame and fortune is an ultimate goal, but certain songs he writes are personal, too confidential for public enjoyment.

Merely from spending a small number of days on set with the band members from Telefunk, in only a few moments they have already allowed me to recognize their passion for not only music overall, but the infatuation with the music they create. This is why Project Ethos is so amazing. We acknowledge up and coming musicians, artists, and designers who have enthusiasm, fire, and talent, and back them with the belief that they can make it big in the industry. These artists may be discovered with a bit of help from our team, because of course tremendous time and effort from our company goes into planning and executing the events, but good ole talent is what gets them recognized.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Project Ethos Fashion: Men's Summer Style

by Marra Camille Manansala

Even I have to admit that the Project Ethos blog isn’t showing enough love to our male readers. So here’s a few picks to add to your summer wardrobe, guys.
Just in case your outfit didn’t say it enough – (1TWO Clothing $24.99) 

You know, for the occasional L.A. heatwave. Plus you always need a tank to show off the guns – (Stussy $39)

Eat your veggies! And support L.A. hip hop while you’re at it: Twelve Bar x Peas and Carrots x Casey Veggies -- (Twelve Bar $30)

This one is definitely going to need some more explaining. Let me introduce to you, the 511 Skinny Commuter by Levi’s. This twist on the popular skinny jean was made for the cyclist in mind, with an impressive list of features.  Stretchy, antimicrobial, water-repellent fabric? Check.  High rise fit to cover the crack? Check! Special waistband loop for your U-Lock? Check. Reflective material on interior cuffs? Double check. Thanks Levi’s, we didn’t know how swagged out we could be while riding our bikes.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Project Ethos Fashion: Office Style

Check out Project Ethos girl Susi rocking an awesome summer chic look that’s all kinds of work appropriate with an edge.  She paired BCBG’s Casual Trouser with a simple black tank, strappy heels, vintage-inspired sunnies and a black watch to tie it all together.

To recreate this look…

Pants: BCBG Causal Trouser $138
Tank: Target’s Long & Lean Tank $8
Shoes: Lovers + Friends Billy Strappy $53 (SALE!) Mid Heel
Watch:  Marc By Marc Jacobs "Rivera" Black Watch $175


By Marra Manansala
For most of the designs in AdoreCarol’s line of charms and jewelry, little things do come in small packages. Sometimes I don’t know what’s cuter – the fact that Carol Margaret Reyes of AdoreCarol is probably the cutest nineteen-year-old I have ever met, or the charms themselves.

My personal favorites are the cupcakes. It’s an ultra girly addition that I can’t wait to attach to my cellphone. All of them have such exquisite details, from the bows to the ridges of the cupcake frosting. Even the color combinations are a sure standout.
In addition to the cute charms, AdoreCarol also offers cute earrings and necklaces that are also specially crafted and painted.

Check out this cute cellphone charm!

Admit it. You walk into a Forever 21, buy a pair of earrings, and think nothing more of the actual process of what goes into it. The charms, small enough to pass through a ring hole, are all specially crafted and painted by Carol in her own apartment. You can only imagine the time and patience that goes into it. AdoreCarol will be sold through very soon, so keep on the lookout.
In the meantime, for any of you who are interested in getting tips to create your own polymer clay pieces and seeing more art she has made, be sure to visit Carol’s :

Friday, July 15, 2011

San Francisco Model Casting 07.23.11

Meet Our Interns!

Get to know some of our amazing interns! Although only a handful of them, our LA interns dish about the work they've been doing, how they found out about the Project Ethos internship and more.  Enjoy!

(from left to right: Lacee, Thelma, Marra, Christi, Sarah, Madyson)

Lacee: My name is Lacee! But friends call me Barbie. I have an infatuation with rhinestones and bows. I have every color hair bow to match all my outfits’ everyday… no seriously though I wear one everyday. And I also rhinestone EVERYTHING. At first it was a hobby but I’m in love with sparkles. I rhinestone my clothes, shoes, bows, phones, etc., and now I even sell objects, most commonly car license plate frames. Ok I sound a little obsessive but if you saw an example, you would want me to make you something.

Maybe if I tell you a little more about myself it would explain my little obsession. I am a fashion merchandising major at Long Beach State, and I have always had a passion for fashion ever since I could remember. Most commonly when I tell people my field of study, they think I will be the individual creating the clothes, but that is not that case. Fashion MERCHANDISING is about everything except making clothes, which can consist of the visual, and business sides of fashion. In the future I have many dreams of careers and its so hard to choose just one so I want to do it all!!

This internship has been an amazing experience for me. And I am not just saying this because I want to make a good image for the company.  They have an outstanding reputation as it is, but I want people to know the perspective from an intern’s point of view. Before becoming an intern I had the opportunity to volunteer at the LA Fashion week event. It was an event of a lifetime! And now to be working behind the scenes, helping make the affair take place is even more unbelievable.

The people working here are inspiring. The individuals who work for Project Ethos make us feel so involved and as if we make a difference in the event. We are not ordinary interns who do paperwork or go fetch coffee, but we actually do research, create presentations, and find musicians, artists, and designers for the event. I feel like working here I have made a new handful of genuine friends and I know for a fact we will all keep in touch when the internship is over. Its not one of those get lunch on our breaks together bond, but rather go on a three day fashion camp together kind of friendship.

Thelma: Hello! My name is Thelma Annan and I am currently an intern at Project Ethos. I major in Media and Cultural Studies at UC Riverside. Being a true Los Angeles native, I am a hardcore Lakers fan, as my future children will be. I am a sucker for 80’s films and consider NYLON magazine my Bible. I absolutely adore Kelly Ripa and Louise Roe and aspire to have a successful career like theirs one day.

I am more than grateful to work at Project Ethos. This is a very hands on, rewarding experience that I would not change for the world. Working here has forced me to push my comfort zone without me having to sacrifice my opinions or personality. I feel like I am actually part of the team. I learn something new every time I step into the office, whether professionally or personally. Working here is something I will never forget. We have a lot of amazing events coming up, so check out our websites regularly and be on the lookout for them!

Marra: Hey there! My name is Marra Camille Manansala. I’m about to finish up my last year at Cal State Fullerton as Communications/PR major. This is the third month as a Project Ethos intern, and I absolutely love it! For anyone who wants to get into the big, bad world of public relations – this is the perfect internship. I get to pitch to the media by e-mail and by phone, and even post on Project Ethos’ blog. It was a bit scary at first, but honestly, I’d rather get over my fears at an internship than my first day of my real job as a post-grad. I get to discover new music in and out of Los Angeles, get inspired to try out new fashion trends as I research emerging fashion lines, and sit in awe of the art that we come across.  Right now, my iTunes playlist consists of Pac Div, Jhene Aiko (both of which I have written about in previous posts), Kendrick Lamar, and The Weeknd.  Lastly, all of the other interns are really funny and easy to get along with…especially with the topic of food. 

Christi: My name is Christi Callahan and I am a senior at Cal State Fullerton majoring in Business Administration with a concentration in entertainment and tourism. As far as myself goes, I love shoes and I'm a huge foodie. I love trying new and exotic foods and pretty much anything from a food truck.

I learned about this internship through my major at school and immediately jumped on it. So far it has been so amazing. The people are so incredibly nice and they have allowed all of us interns to really get into the work. Lately, we've been doing a lot of research on cities for upcoming shows. We've been hunting down designers, artists, and musicians that we like. I think the best part is that I feel like our opinions actually matter and I really can't wait to see what else Project Ethos has in store for us

Sarah: I have an addiction to fashion blogs (particularly Oracle Fox, BLDG25, and SRC783), my favorite food is uncooked tortillas, look to the Olsen twins for fashion advice, enjoy singing loudly despite my horrible voice, and am happiest when I’m barefoot.  On the weekends you can find me in random vintage shops or hiking (yes, there are actually places to hike in LA).  I’m currently a fourth year at UCLA majoring in communication studies.  I’ll be graduating in December and will be moving up to SF as soon as I’m done.

I’ve been as intern at Project Ethos since April, and it was pure luck that I found out about an opening.  I had just finished up an internship with the Fox News Channel and was looking for something that would provide some creative opportunities and poof, UCLA emailed me about an internship with Project Ethos.  Fashion, music and art?  Hello perfection.

Madyson: Coming into my sophomore year at USC, I began the Project Ethos internship in April of my freshman year. Since then I have worked to enhance several participant databases, researching and contacting upcoming fashion designers, curators, and musicians. I have always held a great passion for music and art, as I have been dancing since the age of five. Throughout the past few years, I have travelled extensively and discovered new cultures with which I have fallen in love! I have become a huge electronic music fan after attending Oxegen Music Festival in Punchestown, Ireland with my older sister, Jessica. I hope to study abroad in Europe next summer and further expand my love for European cultures!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Cinema at the Cemetery

by Thelma Annan

The Hollywood Forever Cemetery is famously known for what else, its resting place of the glamorous Hollywood elite. But this cemetery does more than offer its respects to these legendary figures. The cemetery presents Cinespia film screenings, perfect for the nontraditional date night with your love bug or a friend’s night out. 

Beginning on May 19th until the end of summer, this landmark becomes an unlikely host to hundreds of moviegoers, screenings films every weekend night.

Past films include: Goodfellas, Heathers, and Saturday Night Fever. But most creatively was the recent screening of Ghostbusters. What better place to show a film about ghosts than within actual cemetery grounds!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Project Ethos Fashion: The White Noise is Loud!

by Janea Moreto

Wearing white pants has always been a stigma for women, but designers such as Bottega Veneta, Alexander Wang, Christian Siriano, and Thakoon are challenging women to push the boundaries this summer and go all out in white. And I'm talking pure white. Whether it be the little white dress or the attention-demanding white suit, the crisp color makes your summer tan look extra yummy.

If you're worried about your white getting dirty, just be sure to wear it to the right occasion. An all-white outfit is probably not the best choice when running around town doing errands or such. Stay clear of dirty seats, and make sure the food goes into your mouth, not your lap (you'll be surprised how often that happens). It doesn't hurt to carry around a Tide-to-go, either! I know it sounds scary, but it is definitely do-able, so come closer to the white!

Most of the runways trending the white-out are seen as minimal-chic looks, no fussy accessories, makeup or hair. So it being summer, white is probably one of the easiest "throw-it-on" trends--think simplicity. Let the white speak for itself.


San Francisco 08.11.11 @ supper club

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Bold and the Beautiful

By Thelma Annan

‘Tis the season to be colorful! Bold and bright colors are definitely in this summer. Introduced in early spring, the trend of color blocking, bright lips and eyes does not seem to be dwindling down anytime soon. So go beyond your comfort zones of blacks, whites and greys and embrace the colorful change.

The Bold – Color Blocking

Afraid to take the entire color plunge? Start off small if need be by balancing out your brights with neutrals. Start with one color block piece, such as a pair of colorful shorts, or pants and add a neutral one. You can also try matching up your color block piece with a sullen patterned piece.

Try a head-to-toe color ensemble for a more dramatic look. You can take the safe, yet equally fashionable road with a color block jumpsuit or dress. Or you could also put separate pieces together. A nice pair of pants, paired with an equally colorful blazer, or any other kind of outerwear will do the trick. To ensure success, try sticking with the adjacent hues on the color wheel, but don’t be afraid to experiment!

Color blocking can apply to shoes as well. Footwear possesses underestimated potential. The right shoes can tie an entire outfit together. Slip on a pair of these shoes to add to your colorful ensemble, or simply to add an unexpected pop of color to your outfit. Whether one bold color or multi, shoes can make just the right fashion statement.

The Beautiful Beauty Essentials

Pucker Up: A lipstick shade gaining a lot of attention this season is coral. Coral is a color that is appealing on every skin tone, offering just the right amount of style and individuality. So don’t be afraid to take this color for a spin!

Eye catching: Colorful eyes are an essential this summer season. Add a pop of color to your eye shadow and eyeliner routine. Try focusing on colors such as golds, greens, purples and yes, even blues. Dusted across your entire lid, or simply swept along your bottom lash line, these colors are sure to allure.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Good Eats: Manchego

by Sarah Clifford

A few weeks ago, I ventured out with my fellow for date night and we were in the mood for something new.  After a quick Yelp search, Manchego was our destination for the night. 

When the restaurant is named after traditional Spanish cheese, you know you’re in for a great meal.

Located on Main Street in Santa Monica, this small, tapas-style restaurant has an intimate feel with dim lighting, amazing service, and even better food.

We were the only ones in the restaurant and with the help of our waitress, selected the roasted red pepper and feta spicy dip, shrimp wrapped with prosciutto, the two cheese plate with manchego and iberico (served with bread and the house tomato sauce), and were given a ton of complementary humus.

As we finished off our meal with a shared slice of cheesecake, we noticed the restaurant was completely packed.  If you come an hour or so after they open, expect a decent wait.

We both were a little nervous waiting for the check because we didn’t even look at prices as we ordered away, but to our surprise, it was under $40. This was thanks in large part to Manchego’s (brace yourself) BYOB policy and NO CORK FEE!  I had smuggled some $10 bottle of zin we had sitting at home in my purse and timidly pulled it out when the waitress smiled and asked, “Would you like me to open that for you?” Um, yes please.

Manchego does not disappoint.  If you’re in need of some tapas and romance for a reasonable price, definitely check it out.