Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Featured AZ Artists 11.11.11

We're only a few days away from the finale show of 2011. We have a great group of artists that will be showcasing their work at this event. Don't miss out!

Pre-sale tickets available here: http://www.wantickets.com/events/ShowEvent.aspx?eventId=95053

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

AZ Charity Partner: MADD

Project Ethos shows their support for Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) by bringing awareness to their cause during our event at The Mint. In honor of their 5th anniversary of Campaigning to Eliminate Drunk Driving, MADD has signed on to recognize that there are ways to celebrate and be safe while working in conjunction with DD24/7, a company that provides reliable on-site, on-call driver services, to get you and your car home safely. 

MADD has evolved into one of the most widely supported and well-liked non-profit organizations in America. "The mission of Mothers Against Drunk Driving is to stop drunk driving, support the victims of this violent crime and prevent underage drinking.” To this day, MADD’s work has saved nearly 300,000 lives and counting. MADD also supports drunk driving victims and survivors at no charge, serving one person every 10 minutes at 1-877-MADD-HELP. Project Ethos and MADD welcome your support to help us create a safer future by encouraging individuals to take responsibility of their actions when consuming alcohol.

Arizona Artist Spotlight

The Mint Restaurant and Ultra Lounge will be exhibiting a contemporary art gallery all evening utilizing half indoor half outdoor space to create a unique touch to the artistic forum. Here a variety of mediums are sure to please the visual palettes of an enthusiastic audience. Artwork by local artists Dave Carender, Josh Flood, Kevin Barbro, and Melo Dominguez will be producing pieces that embody creativity, imagination, and emotion.

Their art consists of watercolors, ink, acrylic, stencils, plaster, clothing and photography. Each artist is influenced by diverse factors that have impacted their lives through social or cultural experiences. Dave Carender is an artist, writer, action movie enthusiast, comic book nerd, and video game aficionado that portrays his interest by creating cartoon-like figures with a twist.

While Josh Flood wants to show how pop art should have more to do with what's going on in the world today and how that world relates to our everyday lives. Flood is part of a group of local artists working to connect young people to art through events, projects and volunteering.

Kevin Barbro specializes in drawing, painting, and graphic design. His work highlights images and ideas of vultures and other figures with shadow work through light and dark contrast. The paintings are filled with mystery and hidden emotion with every stroke.

Another artist who has captured the hearts of many through her artwork is Melo Dominguez. It is said that her main focus is to find the spirit and soul within her art. We definitely see the layers that make up her art as she highlights social and political themes and street culture.

Project Ethos Music Spotlight: Anjulie

The multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and self proclaimed "popaholic" Anjulie will be taking over the stage in Arizona for Ethos’ final production of the year! Her performance will keep the party going with hits like Don't Call Me Baby, Boom, and Brand New Bitch.

The Toronto native has said to have been influenced by an array of music that ultimately gave birth to a sensational sophisticated blend of pop, hip-hop edginess, and cultural spice. Sultry vocal styling is what really sets Anjulie’s records off and allows her to unleash a sense of euphoria while performing. So don’t be surprised when you hear blends of Afro-Caribbean calypso, reggae, and Latin vibes emanating from Anjulie’s pop electric voice. Be ready for a hot performance that will have you dancing the night away.

AZ Flavor Fashionista Designers

Project Ethos’ upcoming event in Scottsdale, Arizona will showcase four astonishing local designers that will be competing to become the next fashionista! The hopeful four each stand a chance to win a prize pack of their choice worth $3,000 in the vitaminwater zero™ sponsored "Flavor Fashionista Challenge." Eager creative talents are given a $200 budget to produce a garment inspired by a particular flavor of vitaminwater zero™ which will then be premiered within the runway show. They include Brianne Bridge (Bri Bridge), Amelia Walsh (Amelia Walsh), Monique Martinez-Sandoval (Ouma Clothing) and Latonya Adkins (HourGlass Apparel).

Amelia Walsh’s inspiration originally came from her mother, who designed and made wedding gowns. Her fashion fling has progressed into a growing obsession that allowed her to debut her first collection in Arizona during November of 2008. Walsh firmly believes that clothes need to serve a purpose larger then function. "Everything should have elegance!" Amelia states you shouldn't lose sophistication for convenience and comfort. Instead, one should strive for creativity.

Inspired by urban, rock and dance styles, BRI BRIDGE is fashion for the modern woman making a statement. "Your style should reflect your character and we can all enhance, express, and empower ourselves through our wardrobe." Specializing in custom design and exclusive pieces – always tailoring to a specific look, the possibilities are truly endless with Bri Bridge’s visions for fashion.

Then we meet stylists like Latonya Adkins who designs for women and is inspired by a woman’s silhouette. Her line, HourGlass Apparel, fashionably stands out in a crowd, accentuates a woman’s curves and compliments their sophistication. "I hope to help every woman find a "fabulous look, feel fabulous" attitude and know that the garments she wears are specifically designed with her individual style and shape in mind."

Designers like Monique Martinez, the proud maker of Ouma Clothing, also believes in creativity. She has reinvented the meaning of casual classics by accompanying them with a funky feminine look that highlights whimsical detail and still breathes easy. Ouma designs are made out of natural fabrics that allow you to move freely because they believe that clothes should be fun, different, and comfortable! Ouma blends unique fabrics and trims that bring together original masterpieces. 


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