Monday, May 23, 2011

FREE Project Ethos & Atticus Clothing Present: Curaidors 5.26.11

Project Ethos & Atticus Clothing Present: Curaidors
Thursday May 26th
7:30pm - 11:30pm
Photo Booth
Food Truck
And MORE!!!

Project Ethos "On The Spot": Moi Navarro

Moi Navarro is an extremely talented singer/songwriter based out of LA.  Check the video, know the name and come see him at Project Ethos & Atticus Clothing Present: Curaidors.

Thursday May 26th
Atticus Clothing
7664 Melrose Ave

FB Event Page:


Friday, May 13, 2011

Project Ethos "On The Spot": Famous

Shout out to Famous, a talented upcoming rapper based out of Venice, CA.  Watch the video and enjoy.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Project Ethos Music Spotlight: Pac Div "Mania"

PAC DIV: Mania!

by Marra Camille Manansala

As a full-time student, part-time employee (at what could be one of the best examples of retail hell), intern, and everything else in between, I’ve learned that a cup of coffee can’t keep me awake during my commute to school from Los Angeles. And no, energy drinks at 8 in the morning is not an option either.

So during my 50+ minute commute to school, those precious minutes of stop and go traffic are dedicated anything that’s full of bass to wake me up. Or maybe songs that make me feel like I’m on my way to a club with my girls, when I’m really running late for my 9 a.m. art class. And of course, songs that wake up the inner gangsta in me. I’m actually a huge fan of hip-hop, and if you follow the L.A. music scene, a new crop of talent is rising up, brining in a new taste of West coast hip hop.

Since I’m used to downloading singles from iTunes, I cannot remember the last time I listened to a whole CD. But when I came across Southern California-based rapping trio, Pac Div, things changed. Pac Div, short for Pacific Division, is signed to Universal Motown Records, but you can say they’re a bit under the radar. Thank the man above for the invention of the mixtape, because with their latest drop, Mania!, their fan base is quickly building out of SoCal.

Of course, Mania!, has been the soundtrack to my morning.

Put on “Take Me High” when you’re in the mood to chill. If finals are really killin’ you, or you’re just having one of those days, make sure you have “Nobody’s Perfect” on your playlist.

I like this mixtape so much that it’s gotten to the point, that if I hear their track “Anti-freeze”, I will sit in my parked car until it finishes.

If I’ve turned any of you into Pac Div fans yet, they’re working on releasing their first album soon. Catch Pac Div on the “Search for the Coldest” tour with N.E.R.D this summer.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Project Ethos "On The Spot": Shane Eli

Shout out to Shane Eli.  He's going to be rocking with us May 26th @ Atticus Clothing on Melrose just east of Fairfax as part of "Curaidors", which is our monthly Music and Art showcase that also benefits local charities.  Watch and listen.


Project Ethos Interviews: Music Professional Scott Warren

1.  Introduce yourself and what's your relationship and experience been with music?

Music has always been my passion.  I've played drums in bands, gone to countless concerts and spent too much dough on records.  I got into the music business 10 years ago, starting off as a talent booker/promoter.  Five years later, I joined Position Music, where I was responsible for A&R, artist managament, and film/TV creative licensing.  I've also been involved with the music portion of Project Ethos since the initial event. 

2.  How do you see the climate of music and entertainment shifting now with Social Media and the internet and how does that effect the aspiring artist?

Social media and the internet are changing everything.   It's an exciting time to be an independent artist because there has never been more opportunity to exploit one's music.  Through Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, etc. artists have countless ways to market themselves and be in direct contact with their fans.  There is so much interaction on these sites, anything can virally take off.  Look at Rebecca Black... no one would know her name without the social networks.  Indie digital distributors make it simple for anyone to get their music on iTunes, Amazon, etc.  The internet has also created countless revenue streams just like youtube's adsense. 

Unfortunately, the window is closing for traditional record labels, physical distributors and terrestrial radio.  The internet has broken the music business.  The fun part will be seeing how it's rebuilt.

3.  What do you see as the future of music consumption and how will continue to evolve and allow artists to prosper?

There will always be a demand for music.  The question will be how to monetize the distribution of music.  That may be a dying dream because no one wants to pay for it anymore.  Maybe the subscription model will expand.  Maybe P2P will become more widely (and legally) accepted.  Maybe major brands will to get financially involved with a band's career as a marketing effort.  Who knows?  Regardless, the door for new and innovative ideas is wide open. 

Friday, May 6, 2011

Project Ethos: Music Spotlight

The Ready Set
By Lacee Blancher

Attention!!! Up and coming band The Ready Set will be a common name on all
social media networks in the near future. Oh, did I say band? Excuse me, I meant Jordan Mark Witzigreuter who uses the tile "The Ready Set" as his stage character because he speculated it would be too difficult for most individuals to pronounce his last name. In fact, if you tune into MTV Music videos at approximately 6 am you can catch a glimpse of the new single "Love Like Woe". Yes, I did say 6am! So, that means all you individuals who are not early birds, make sure you set up your DVR recordings or take a look at The Ready Set Website. But patience is key, soon enough The Ready Set will be broad casted world wide as a music icon, inspiration, and all around centerfold on prime-time TV.

Jordan Witzigreuter may be a familiar name to some individuals, because before forming The Ready Set, he previously performed with drums and vocals for a few bands. Currently, he writes and records his own songs, and tours with a backup band, which he followed his true passion by hard work and determination. Also, he was signed to Pete Wentz's label, Decaydance Records in 2009. Yet another fairytale success story. Congrats Jordan! Your almost there!

That is why Project ETHOS is so amazing. We help new talent emerging in the industry to strive  for a chance to show the entertainment bizz what they have to offer, in hope to make a name for themselves.This may be a new concept to most people, but in reality all these categories are interrelated, and Project ETHOS goes above and beyond any expectations you may have preconceived. But I can't sit here and tell you how astonishing our events are, I would end up writing a novel because the list of reasons are so long, But it is an affair you need to experience for yourself, I promise you will be blown away.


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Project Ethos Fashion Thread: Inspire Me Apparel

Inspire Me Apparel
Article by: Connie Fang

    With 30 years of design experience, Inspire Me Apparel reaches out to the fun, intelligent, beautiful, and confident young women that knows how to get people's attention with their charm and style. With outfits from dressy day wear, evening wear, and formal wear, Inspire Me Apparel gives the opportunity to express and compliment with chic, bold, and classy looks at affordable prices. Originated in Los Angeles, CA, it is growing vastly in areas from California and New York with hopes to expand in even more cities and countries near you.

    Personally, I love shopping for great looks at affordable prices that won’t break my bank account at the end of the month. The dresses that they have designed can be worn on any occasion that fits almost anyone who isn’t afraid to make a fashionable statement. Each of these dresses can be made your very own by simply adding accessories like earings, necklaces, and really cute shoes. You will definitely find me purchasing outfits from their online store very soon.

 Here at Project Ethos, we support up and coming designers because we believe that they can be successful through people like you, who find their merchandise just as interesting, like we do. Learning about PR for a couple of weeks now has made me realize that there are a lot of talented people out there; they just need to be discovered at the right time and by the right people. We will continue to expose all the wonderful talents out there to make it a little easier for people like you to find on our blogs, websites, and most importantly at our fashion shows. Hurry and follow them and us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, and stay tuned to get inspired.

Project Ethos: Music Spotlight

Musician: Sky Ferreira

The great and yet crippling thing about the music, fashion, and art industry is that it is such a large arena. Where does one even know where to start? If you’re a designer how do you set yourself apart from the millions of other so called designers out there? If you’re a musician how do you get your voice heard above the millions of others trying to accomplish the same goal as you? Well it is a hard feat, but not impossible. Here at Project Ethos we provide a platform for such people to be seen and get their voices heard. Our goal is to reach out to those talents that would not otherwise have the opportunity on their own to be recognized. An emerging talent that recently caught our eye goes by the name Sky Ferreira. Ferreira is a Portuguese-American singer/songwriter and actress.  She is currently signed at capitol records but got her start like so many others through the social media networking of myspace. She uploaded various self-written tracks and caught the attention of Swedish music producer Bloodshy & Avant.

Ferreira recently debuted ASif! A digital EP containing five teaser tracks that showcase her electronic-pop sound, the entire album is due out this summer. “Sex Rules” is the lead track off of her digital EP which also includes, obsession, 17, and One. Ferreira has been mentioned as a rising talent and the next big thing to hit pop music. She has been described as, “infectious and surprisingly sophisticated.”  Her track obsession sucked me right in and now I’m hooked.  Her songs are catchy make you want to hit the dance floor. Ferreira doesn’t write about anything too serious for her first album, she keeps it light and relatable. Ferreira is a fresh face to music and is a self-described anti-pop star. In an industry where everyone is always trying to outdo each other with absurd tactics, it is a nice change of pace to have someone who isn’t interested in any gimmicks or whose voice is not ultra auto-tuned. In addition to a music career, Ferreira also stars in Putty Hill, directed by Matt Porterfield. Keep an ear and an eye out for this young fresh new face to the music, fashion, and movie world.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Fashion & Japan Relief Effort!

Check the flyer, a great cause & great fashion!

Project Ethos: Intern Review

Designer: Sarah Seven

As one of Project Ethos's newest interns, I am so excited to have the opportunity to
research up and coming artists in the arenas of art, music and fashion. I have a love
for all things flirty and flowy with an edge, so when I stumbled upon Sarah Seven on
Etsy awhile ago, it was love at first sight.

Sarah Seven’s designs will sweep you off your feet in a beautifully draped whirlwind
of romance with an edge. The Portland-based designer has special occasion, ready
to wear and bridal collections.

Her dresses show careful attention to detail, often with pleating at the bust that
drapes down across the sides or front. The sweetheart necklines and silk fabrics
provide a whimsical aspect to her designs. Asymmetrical draping and modern belts
boost Sarah Seven past just another pretty dress, giving her designs a breath of fresh

Sarah Seven’s 2012 Spring collection doesn’t disappoint, delivering gorgeous
silhouettes with close attention to detail, especially in the bust area. Her dresses
often have a bustier built in, which is perfect because a lot of the dresses have a low
cut neckline. The sweetheart cut lends a classical, attractive shape, but the plunge
adds some sexy to the sweet.

Not only are her designs romantic with a modern edge, Sarah Seven is an independent designer who already knows the importance of giving back. For every sale she makes, she gives 5% to charity (3% to Compassion and 2% to International Justice Mission). She also embraces the green lifestyle, creating a lot of her designs out of natural fabrics.

Sarah Seven definitely fits the bill for an emerging artist with loads of talent,
just what Project Ethos looks for. Like so many other up and coming designers
Project Ethos follows, her clothing expresses a distinct culture - one that embraces
femininity, but incorporates the desire for individuality.

Check out her designs at