Thursday, March 17, 2011

Yet Another Life Changing Moment by Cham

Greetings people of the BLOGOSPHERE!!  Please allow me to introduce myself, my name is Cham Nou and I have been working with Project Ethos since 2008.  The beginning stages of my journey at the company, I started off as an intern that worked closely with the executive director, Jason Peskin.  He gave me my first shot at what it took to put in hard hours of dedication.  He taught me preparation, dedication, and execution day and night of the show.  This was such a valuable learning process. It taught me how to really indulge myself in my workload and keep up beat about any type of situation.  The company has provided me with knowledge, inspiration, and life changing experiences day in and day out and continues to affect my life in ways I could never imagine.
On my first show, I found myself driving around LMFAO through Hollywood searching for a keyboard synthesizer right before the show.  We went in and out of stores to try and find a specific keyboard but no luck.  After a couple hours have passed, Sky Blue, one of the members of LMFAO, realized that he had a spare keyboard in the back of his closet.  After resolving that issue with these interesting characters, I took a mental step back and realized that I was partaking in industry work.  I actually played a dramatic role within one of the key aspects of the show.  Knowing this was such an amazing feeling as an intern.  That’s just one of the many experiences and life memorable moments at Project Ethos that has influenced me.
Another story would be that Project Ethos landed me an internship at Android Homme (, a high-end luxury shoe company.  Android Homme has been in business for two years and have been getting product placements for A list music celebrities such as: Usher, Trey Songz, Miguel, P. Diddy, Kid Cudi, just to name a few.  While working for Android Homme part time, the company receives news that Usher wanted Android to style and design looks for a few shows that he was doing in the west coast.  The company was excited for the new challenges that were going to take place. 
As for me, my involvement with the Usher shows started off with just a few easy deliveries for the shows, a few pickups here and there...  Then the next thing I know I was backstage at the MTV VMAs having conversations with Usher and fitting him in exclusive designs made specially for Usher.  After that we hit The Jimmy Kimmel show, America’s Got Talent, and Ellen.  The aftermath of these successful shows came down to Usher asking Android Homme to design for his “OMG World Tour.”  This is when my jaw literally dropped to the ground.  It was a dream come true.  To be able to work with a musical legend of his caliber and I have Project Ethos to thank for this opportunity.
To add to yet another life altering opportunity, Project Ethos was in need of a host for its show in San Diego on August 26th 2010.  Talks of getting celebrities to host the event was in the works but Project Ethos decided to keep it in house and ask yours truly to host the event…  When I heard this news, I was in an awe of excitement.  I was literally screaming for joy.  It’s like landing an international commercial with your face on billboards. 
As the host of Project Ethos, I received a script that was given to me prior to the show that I was working on and rehearsing with.  When the day of the show came about I used the script as a platform for my true self to come out and perform.  This gave me the ability to guide the show for our audience and keep them in tune throughout the evening.  When the show came to an end I felt such a great uplifting feeling to be able to be on stage and perform in front of everyone.  That is one of the feelings that I shall cherish forever.
These moments of life are what I live for.  This is why I am still here from day one.  The dedication and the passion for this project just get increased.  Now, this LA based company shall be in new markets within the near future.  Meaning, new adventures, new people, and much more opportunities for others lives to feel the power of Project Ethos.  This is the dream job. 

I thank you for your interests with our company.  Please stay tuned, as we will be supplying you with weekly blog updates, interviews of industry decision makers, and a plentitude of opportunities to participate and join the Project Ethos movement.  Until next time world...

PROJECT ETHOS is coming soon, to a city near you!!!!!!!!

~Cham Nou

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