Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Project Ethos Artist Spotlight: LAFW Artists

LAFW art work will be hosted by Crossroads restaurant with visual artist on display all night! Our artists include Allison Reimold, Alexander dcd Smith, Tom Garner, James Naccarato, Ronnie Ray Mendez and Waelad Akadan. $tatus Faction, Gregory Siff, Kophns One, and Mar all street artists from the Site Unscene will be doing live paintings throughout the night.

Contemporary artists Waelad Akadan and Allison Reimold are internet sensations that are breaking in to the art industry by flooding the web with their creations. Waelad Akadan and Allison Reimold have also partnered up with Society6, a site created by thousands of artists from around the world to display and sell their art. Los Angeles native, Allison Reimold, has also made a name for herself through her blog "The Reimold Effect" and website www.allisonreimold.com. Both artists produce pieces with intricate designs that exude raw emotion.

While Alexander D.C.D. Smith's story began with tracing cartoons at an early age, the artist explores the tension between opposites: dark and bright, glossy and matte, precision and spontaneity, structure and freedom. His work is inspired by urban and Asian cultures, typography, early cartoons, sports history, entertainment design, motor sports, and manufacturing techniques. His techniques are apparent through a  wide range of pieces in a variety of materials, including canvas, wood panel, wall murals, clothing and shoes, furniture, motorcycle helmets, and skateboards. Smith says, "If paint will stick to it, I will paint it."

Then we have our international artist Thomas Garner who grew up in San Diego, lived in Padua, Italy for 24 years and currently lives and works between Italy and Los Angeles. He is also head of the Graphic Design Dept. at Lucky Brand Jeans and teaches a course at UCLA Extension titled Classical Oil Painting in the Style of the Venetian Masters. If that wasn't enough he's also a sculptor! Overall he is widely recognized in the fashion industry due to his international achievements around the world.

James Naccarato's style comes from his interest in 16th and 17th Century classical painting, cubism, and surrealism. Inspired by California culture and identifying with street art, comics, and various underground art movements lead him to study Fine Art and Illustration. It was then that Naccarato developed his signature style of painting underground art movements and became known for his colorful and playful, fictional, creatures that still feel very natural, organic and possibly preternatural. He also admits that consistent paranormal activity influences the way he views the world.

All these artists bring something fresh, fun, and unique to LAFW so make sure not miss out!

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