Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Project Ethos On The Web

Coming soon.

Project Ethos events have been successful at opening up opportunities for emerging designers, musicians and artists, by allowing participants to showcase in a groundbreaking new way with consumers, buyers, media and press combined in one place. Taking the next steps, Project Ethos will soon allow a worldwide audience to stay updated on the past, present and future through YouTube and ProjectEthos.TV.

YouTube will showcase interviews, fashion shows, concerts and other exclusive content for a look at what happened during the event's live moments. Check out our progress of updating it HERE.

ProjectEthos.TV will feature a web series based on the behind the scenes action before, during and after a show. The ups and downs, processes and overall progression of an event from concept to manifestation will be seen for the first time. We will be announcing the dates of our first webisodes any day now so stay tuned.

Dont forget to check out Project Ethos on Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook to stay updated on upcoming events and opportunities. 

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