Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Project Ethos LA Artist Spotlight: Celena De Luna

by Thelma Annan

Based in Covina, CA, Celena is currently a Fine Arts Major at PCC (Pasadena City College), with a minor in Environmental Studies. Celena’s appreciation for art began at an early age. She first began by taking art classes when she was young and has continued practicing and pursuing her passion.

Rather than relying solely on her natural talent, Celena hopes to expand and improve on her craft.
Comfortable experimenting with an array of mediums, from colored pencil to spray paint, Celena admits,"I love me some strong colCurrently, Celena finds herself gravitating towards oil painting and screen printing.

Celena admits that her source of inspiration derives from people and humanitarian concepts, but most influentially, that of Indian culture. Fascinated with their common use of bright colors and detailed designs, Celena one day hopes to raise enough money through her art-inspired T-shirts to study abroad in India for art and philosophy. She also aspires to teach children in developing countries the importance of creativity and just how powerful the voice of art can be.

Celena hopes that her artwork will help inspire others, and overall, make a positive impact on how people treat not only each other, but the environment as well. She strives to change people’s perceptions on the definition of what beauty truly is.

So get familiar and check out this artist! Celena’s website is currently under construction, but if you are interested in her artwork and designs, feel free to contact her via Facebook.

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