Sunday, May 20, 2012

June 19th Art Preview

Flewnt Sevens Leaves A DNA Sample Through Art

Venice-based artist Flewnt believes “ART outlives its creator and functions like a DNA sample which identifies the artist and expresses his message.”

Inspired by this outlook, Flewnt has created a collection of more than a thousand pieces that brings graffiti-style artwork to a smaller portable canvas. Made with recycled wood and materials, and incorporating multiple layers of colors and different dimensions, each raw piece is one-of-a-kind.

With his depth and style in each piece, Flewnt is giving the world a reflection of himself to enjoy for all time.

Usually found selling his pieces beachside, we are excited that Flewnt will be making a rare appearance to spread his message at our show in June.

Featured LAB ARTists

We are thrilled to be showcasing live artists from LAB ART again this show.


Raised around art and captivated with graffiti at a young age, Felix’s inspiration comes from the feelings he has towards a certain subject, or, most of the time, the way things beautifully look.

“I do art to heal myself and to give the public something nice to look at on their way to work or wherever they may be headed. But in a way, its just a funny experiment to see how the people react to foreign designs in their public space, or should I say OUR space,” – said the artist whose work can be seen on his website

Meex One

Creating art for “THE LOVE ALONE,” Meex One uses his background as a graffiti artist and graphic designer to reach beyond the realm of the traditional to those who appreciate graffiti and the language of graphics.

Suspend Magazine went to his studio garage to go behind-the-scenes and get an exclusive interview with the artist:

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