Wednesday, May 16, 2012

VIP Giftbag Preview

A big thank you to our Gift Bag Contributors! These brands rock and are all featured in our Giftbags for our upcoming June 19th event. Here's an inside sneak peek into what will be presented:

21 Choices Yogurt Coupon

21 Choices has four locations and proudly serves fresh organic ingredients and cultured yogurt everyday in Los Angeles! Look forward to your coupon for free yogurt in the bags! 


Aladdin has been manufacturing sustainable and reusable products since 1908! Their insulated food containers are perfect for making your own "take-out" to go! Can't wait for our attendees to go green with these awesome containers. 


Kor Water has a stylish and functional array of reusable and sustainable water bottles. What a fashionable way to keep hydrated. We can't wait to use ours from the event!

Kent Denim

Kent Denim is a bold clothing line that has some amazing jeans and t-shirts! We cannot wait to see the cool graphic tees we get in the bags this year!


Lululemon on Robertson Blvd. 

Lululemon is an well established yoga and exercise wear brand who we can't get enough of. The Robertson Blvd. store has been amazing and donated their reusable bags for the event! WE LOVE LULULEMON!



Goody hair accessories and products are your go-to hair goods for just about anything. We love that they are in our bags! Hair emergencies won't be an issue at the event.



Hint Mint, the first designer mints, was started in 1998 and has been a must have accessory for anyone's pocket and purse! Be cool when you cool your breath! No bad breath at this event, ladies and gentlemen!


imPRESS Press on Nails

The imPRESS Press-On Manicure delivers an instant salon-perfect manicure without the drying time of polish or nail glue.

Marc Edward Skincare

Marc Edward Skincare provides amazing and luxurious skincare products and spa treatments! We are so thankful that we are receiving Marc Edward Lip Balm in the gift bags! Luscious lips here we come!


Paradise Airbrush Tanning

Paradise Airbrush Tanning is professional mobile tanning service. Since 2005, they have been bronzing skin around L.A. There will be gift certificates and tanning lotion in all of our gift bags!

"Think popped! Never fried. Never baked." Pop Chips is an amazing healthy snack that we have included in our bags for many shows.


Violent Lips

Violent lips is a line of temporary lip appliqu├ęs that last up to 8 hours! What a fun way of getting lasting lips with a statement! We can't wait to see all of our guests sporting trendy lips!


Zico Water

Zico water is a hydrating, healthy, and tasty line of coconut water! These all-natural drinks will be in our gift bags for those thirsty guests! Website:

Thanks again to our donors and we are so excited to give these gift bags out! Hope to see you at the event. 

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