Thursday, October 1, 2009

Next Generation

by Jason | Executive Director

As I sit here and promote the model casting this Saturday, I think about our future and what Team Ethos is really building here. Many don't realize we think way beyond fashion, music and art...

Who are the next volunteers or donors for good causes? Who makes up the next generation of people that will tackle tough issues we face? Who is next in line to care for those that are helpless in this world?

Our youth.

The young people of the world will inherit the many struggles our elders are dealing with now. One of which is the fight to raise money for humanitarian efforts or charitable causes.

What type of youth possesses the most potent of leader qualities?

The one’s that create.

The logic behind this statement is that these creators are not afraid to step out in front of the trends and followers to establish their own ideas. Whether it is artists, entrepreneurs, bloggers, or any form of creative expression – it takes courage to manifest your own original ideas.

On top of that, the friends and networks that surround these creators are often potent as well. This is due to the fact that they need to be open to new ideas such as the ones their friends are pushing. These networks that surround the creators attend the concerts, art exhibitions and everything their friend invites them to in order to support their original ideas.

These groups are the people that need to be aware of the struggles we face NOW. We must instill the idea that people need to get involved in humanitarian efforts not by writing a check at age 60, but by getting involved NOW. At least being aware.

Project Ethos is the right channel to reach these next generation of givers and we need to set a trend of giving back at a young age. If the trendsetters do it, maybe we can start a new movement.

Ok back to the seed level of our work. Model Casting for the fashion show at Project Ethos House of Blues :p

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