Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Project Ethos: Music Spotlight

Musician: Sky Ferreira

The great and yet crippling thing about the music, fashion, and art industry is that it is such a large arena. Where does one even know where to start? If you’re a designer how do you set yourself apart from the millions of other so called designers out there? If you’re a musician how do you get your voice heard above the millions of others trying to accomplish the same goal as you? Well it is a hard feat, but not impossible. Here at Project Ethos we provide a platform for such people to be seen and get their voices heard. Our goal is to reach out to those talents that would not otherwise have the opportunity on their own to be recognized. An emerging talent that recently caught our eye goes by the name Sky Ferreira. Ferreira is a Portuguese-American singer/songwriter and actress.  She is currently signed at capitol records but got her start like so many others through the social media networking of myspace. She uploaded various self-written tracks and caught the attention of Swedish music producer Bloodshy & Avant.

Ferreira recently debuted ASif! A digital EP containing five teaser tracks that showcase her electronic-pop sound, the entire album is due out this summer. “Sex Rules” is the lead track off of her digital EP which also includes, obsession, 17, and One. Ferreira has been mentioned as a rising talent and the next big thing to hit pop music. She has been described as, “infectious and surprisingly sophisticated.”  Her track obsession sucked me right in and now I’m hooked.  Her songs are catchy make you want to hit the dance floor. Ferreira doesn’t write about anything too serious for her first album, she keeps it light and relatable. Ferreira is a fresh face to music and is a self-described anti-pop star. In an industry where everyone is always trying to outdo each other with absurd tactics, it is a nice change of pace to have someone who isn’t interested in any gimmicks or whose voice is not ultra auto-tuned. In addition to a music career, Ferreira also stars in Putty Hill, directed by Matt Porterfield. Keep an ear and an eye out for this young fresh new face to the music, fashion, and movie world.

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