Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Project Ethos Music Spotlight: Pac Div "Mania"

PAC DIV: Mania!

by Marra Camille Manansala

As a full-time student, part-time employee (at what could be one of the best examples of retail hell), intern, and everything else in between, I’ve learned that a cup of coffee can’t keep me awake during my commute to school from Los Angeles. And no, energy drinks at 8 in the morning is not an option either.

So during my 50+ minute commute to school, those precious minutes of stop and go traffic are dedicated anything that’s full of bass to wake me up. Or maybe songs that make me feel like I’m on my way to a club with my girls, when I’m really running late for my 9 a.m. art class. And of course, songs that wake up the inner gangsta in me. I’m actually a huge fan of hip-hop, and if you follow the L.A. music scene, a new crop of talent is rising up, brining in a new taste of West coast hip hop.

Since I’m used to downloading singles from iTunes, I cannot remember the last time I listened to a whole CD. But when I came across Southern California-based rapping trio, Pac Div, things changed. Pac Div, short for Pacific Division, is signed to Universal Motown Records, but you can say they’re a bit under the radar. Thank the man above for the invention of the mixtape, because with their latest drop, Mania!, their fan base is quickly building out of SoCal.

Of course, Mania!, has been the soundtrack to my morning.

Put on “Take Me High” when you’re in the mood to chill. If finals are really killin’ you, or you’re just having one of those days, make sure you have “Nobody’s Perfect” on your playlist.

I like this mixtape so much that it’s gotten to the point, that if I hear their track “Anti-freeze”, I will sit in my parked car until it finishes.

If I’ve turned any of you into Pac Div fans yet, they’re working on releasing their first album soon. Catch Pac Div on the “Search for the Coldest” tour with N.E.R.D this summer.

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