Friday, May 6, 2011

Project Ethos: Music Spotlight

The Ready Set
By Lacee Blancher

Attention!!! Up and coming band The Ready Set will be a common name on all
social media networks in the near future. Oh, did I say band? Excuse me, I meant Jordan Mark Witzigreuter who uses the tile "The Ready Set" as his stage character because he speculated it would be too difficult for most individuals to pronounce his last name. In fact, if you tune into MTV Music videos at approximately 6 am you can catch a glimpse of the new single "Love Like Woe". Yes, I did say 6am! So, that means all you individuals who are not early birds, make sure you set up your DVR recordings or take a look at The Ready Set Website. But patience is key, soon enough The Ready Set will be broad casted world wide as a music icon, inspiration, and all around centerfold on prime-time TV.

Jordan Witzigreuter may be a familiar name to some individuals, because before forming The Ready Set, he previously performed with drums and vocals for a few bands. Currently, he writes and records his own songs, and tours with a backup band, which he followed his true passion by hard work and determination. Also, he was signed to Pete Wentz's label, Decaydance Records in 2009. Yet another fairytale success story. Congrats Jordan! Your almost there!

That is why Project ETHOS is so amazing. We help new talent emerging in the industry to strive  for a chance to show the entertainment bizz what they have to offer, in hope to make a name for themselves.This may be a new concept to most people, but in reality all these categories are interrelated, and Project ETHOS goes above and beyond any expectations you may have preconceived. But I can't sit here and tell you how astonishing our events are, I would end up writing a novel because the list of reasons are so long, But it is an affair you need to experience for yourself, I promise you will be blown away.


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