Thursday, June 16, 2011

Eye of the Cheetah

by Lacee Blancer

We love to hate our animal prints, yet these always seem to make a comeback to high street fashion. Spring/Summer 2011 trends indicate to be a compelling year so far as animal prints are concerned. Blumarine, the Italian fashion design company known for being one step ahead with their fashion forecasts, constructed one of its entire Spring/Summer 2011 lines on animal print garments. Blumarine is one of the few designers promoting this look in a substantial manner. Forget the old and basic brown and black cheetah; imagine vivacious and dazzling colors that create an ultramodern definition of cheetah print.


Spice Up Your Paws

To compliment the revival of animal prints, the Sally Hansen Nail Writer Nail Art Pen allows for a creative and unique design for your nails. This one-of-a-kind invention lets your mind run free with new experimental ideas and an array of playful colors for the present and upcoming seasons.

Purrrrfect Accessories

Wild animal prints have withstood the many years of disappearing in and out of wardrobes and has come blazing back into the fashion scene. From handbags and belts to sunglasses and watches, this hot, fun and funky craze is here to stay! With these accessories your look will turn heads because of your fierce pizzazz.

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