Thursday, June 30, 2011

Project Ethos Music Spotlight: Jhene Aiko

by Marra Camille Manansala
Los Angeles has been blessed with a lot of great musical talent lately, and the city has another up-and-coming talent by the name of Jhene Aiko. You might recognize the airy and angelic voice from the chorus of “July,” a song that was released last summer on Drake’s Thank Me Later, which has found its home on Jhene’s mixtape, Sailing Soul(s).
This mixtape was released back in March, but it’s definitely something that will be in rotation for all seasons. As corny as this sounds, we all know that girls have a go-to song for all highs and lows of a relationship.  Just in time for your summer fling, the songs on Sailing Soul(s) is a fine addition to your summer playlist.
Sailing Soul(s) is the process of frustration, heartbreak, and the art of getting over all wrapped into one. For any girl who doesn’t quite have the ability to get her feelings down in words, no need to worry. The songs are all too relatable, and quite frankly, there’s a lyric perfect for any situation you might be in. So to all boyfriends in the dog house, ex-boyfriends, and failed flings, I’ll just warn you now: Any Jhene Aiko lyric as a Facebook or Twitter post by your girl is a subliminal message directed at you.
Do Better Blues, featuring L.A. rap artist H.O.P.E, takes us on the all too familiar situation of a couple at its breaking point. Through back-to-back verses from a male’s and woman’s point of view, lyrics remind us of the truth of the situation. Most, at least.
If I could do better
Then you can do better too
But I don't want better
‘Cause I'm only better with you
If you could do better
Then I can do better too
But I don't need better
It only gets better with you
You v. Them sings of a love that can’t happen. Jhene’s soft voice is hypnotizing in this song, but don’t discredit the lyrical value of her verses.
It's the wanting you, never getting you
Keeps me wanting you, missing you
Just to picture you is what gets me through
Fit for you, I was meant for you
What I was sent to do, meant to do
Wasn't meant for you
Sailing Soul(s) features rising talent out of Los Angeles, Kendrick Lamar, H.O.P.E, and Lite. Miguel, a performer at last year’s Project Ethos show in Los Angeles, also makes a guest appearance alongside major hip-hop artists Gucci Mane and Kanye West.
Download Jhene Aiko’s Sailing Soul(s) now!
"Sailing not Selling" feat. Kanye West

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