Monday, February 13, 2012

2011: Art Re-cap

“[In] 2011 Ethos traveled to four cities in the spring and again in the fall. It was a first for us, but what an invigorating experience it was. Being able to discover and seek out untapped talent in cities where a show like ours has never existed before” says Art Director, Dani Goodman of Project Ethos last season.

Art is the essence of culture and is key to unveiling a true underground ethos. In the same way we see changes in music and fashion trends, modern art is evolving just the same. New styles and tactics are tested and contested with each generation. All happening outside of museums and established galleries, contemporary art deserves a place to be seen, too.

Project Ethos makes way for local artists to connect with the world that inspires them. In selecting creative and artistic minds from each city, each Project Ethos is reflective of surrounding community in all respects. The art appreciated in LA is not going to be the same in San Diego, San Fran or Scottsdale, but that is what makes our show the only one of its kind.

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