Monday, February 13, 2012

2011 Music Re-cap

The 2011 Los Angeles Fashion Week show at The Avalon set the music bar for the rest of the year. Project Ethos LA began with a bang with a live performance by the soulful indie rockers, Robotanists, who debuted songs from their new record “Plans In Progress”. Afterward, Australian DJ Duo Yolanda be Cool was a favorite with their hit “We no Speak Americano”.

Other notable highlights were featuring such acts as Mann (SD), Geographer (SF), The Maul Shoppe (SD), and The Black Cards featuring Pete Wentz (LA).

With the power of the mp3, music today is heard in a multitude of ways. From the internet to iTunes, finding new music is instantaneous. While the web has allowed music to take on new forms of exposure, live music will always be true to unveiling real talent. Each Project Ethos is comprised of one-of-a-kind musicians selected by founder Jason Peskin and Music Director, Scott Warren who aim to find industry game-changers. In fact, it was Project Ethos 2010 that soulful Bruno Mars made his first live music appearance.

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