Monday, February 13, 2012

Spring 2012 Press Release

Project Ethos to Launch Online Experience 
in partnership with United Motion Entertainment
Television based hub to provide mass exposure and sales for the emerging arts

Since 2005, the Project Ethos platform has primarily been live events - a fashion show, concert and art gallery all under one roof, in one night. Attendees have flocked to a fresh experience while participants received the tools they needed – unique innovation that put fashion, music, art, buyers, media and the public in the same room for the first time ever.

Partnering with Los Angeles based new-media studio United Motion Entertainment, Project Ethos is poised to bring the entire event experience online. The roll out of a web series based on past and present participants accompanied by a full blown online store will set the stage to revolutionize how designers, artists and musicians interact with the public.

"After holding events in cities throughout the west coast, we realized that our participants need more exposure than to what's in their own back yard. is the answer and will reach a thousand times the people that an event can creating a powerhouse direct-to-consumer model." Jason Peskin – Founder and C.E.O. Project Ethos

Cameras have already been rolling at the live events and behind the scenes creating over 60 hours of never before seen footage. Webisodes will cover everything from fashion shows and exclusive interviews, to backstage footage exploring the Ethos team in their daily routines.

“This digital launch will serve to make Project Ethos the preeminent platform for artists to showcase and sell their work in the global marketplace while giving consumers a place to experience a fresh dose of entertaining content every time they visit. This art based ecosystem will offer more to sponsors and participants alike and we are excited to be working with the Project Ethos team”. Brian “Bee” Williams – Co-Founder UME

In addition to the footage already compiled, the March 13th LA Fashion Week event and its participants will be featured.

"This is an exciting opportunity to prove that traditional and new-media can work hand in hand to form a powerful combination of unique talent and groundbreaking distribution. With digital innovations all around, the entertainment industry is poised to change substantially. Our goal is to provide guidance in adapting a new infrastructure tailored to the complex new-media landscape and create a world around Project Ethos that people across continents can dive into and identify with. Fashion shows will no longer be a privilege reserved for VIPs - everyone will get to enjoy! " Dominik Rausch - Co-Founder UME

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