Friday, February 3, 2012

Introducing: Towelmate

From Ricky Aladort, former Project Ethos Production Director:

It's five minutes to midnight and Far East Movement can't take the stage until I say the word "GO!" Over 2500 attendees danced and rocked-out to one of the hottest musical acts in the nation. At that moment Project Ethos 10 changed my life forever. 

In 2005, Jason Peskin gave me an opportunity to design a flyer for a new event he created, Project Ethos. I jumped at the chance to be a part of what I felt was a creative movement unlike any other. Four years later, that same flyer led to the production of the hottest event in Los Angeles. Project Ethos has become so influential in terms of providing a platform for artists, musicians, fashion designers, graphic designers, producers and all creative minds to express what they do best.

After 11 glorious shows, it was time to find my own "Project Ethos." I started a company called Towelmate and it was born out of that same creative spirit I found at that first show in 2005. The values I cultivated and nurtured in my time with Project Ethos gave me the skills and courage to go out on my own. I'm excited and proud to share with my Ethos family what I've been cooking up in my creative laboratory. I encourage you to check out my website: as we officially launch this week.

Without Project Ethos, I would not be where I am today. It's the joy and fulfillment that I received in my five years with Project Ethos that drives me to succeed. If you're receiving this newsletter, chances are that you've been to a show. I would recommend to anyone reading this that if your heart is in fashion, music or art, contact Project Ethos and you never know what role it may play in your dreams or someone else's. I did and I achieved mine ;)

- Ricky Aladort | Co-Founder & COO Towelmate, Inc.

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