Monday, August 17, 2009

My Sanity

by Ricky | Production Director

It’s Monday, 4 pm, week of the show. Less than five days till Ethos 10. That number frightens and inspires me.

I’m sitting here in my office at my day job dreaming about 2’ x 8’ tables, white malomite sheets and stanchions, when I should be answering work emails. But I can’t focus on work, not this week. It’s not possible. I get so wrapped up into each event we do as it draws closer. It’s not the pressure to succeed either. When you put in the work and actions, the only option is success.

I am just in love with what I do. It becomes a part of your soul and that type of power allows us to do the things we do. Each time someone new joins our team they always ask me what the show is like. I always tell them same thing… when the show is over and I’m sitting at the end of the bar in some dark corner, completely exhausted and unable to stand, sipping on an icy Newcastle, you’re going to see the most fulfilled person in the venue. It’s that moment that keeps me sane during this week. It’s not the booze by the way. That moment is the culmination of a long and relentlessly rewarding experience. The ups and downs, the smiles and frowns, all the hard work has been paid off and all there is left to do is sit there with that cold beer, humbled by the brilliant people that surround you and be grateful that you can play a small role in their success. That’s what keeps me sane. least for this week.

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