Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Last Shift at Project Ethos

by Madyson Scully

Crazy as it seems, it is my final shift as an intern here at Project Ethos! Being my first internship, I definitely gained valuable knowledge about the business world in general, as well as the fashion, music, and art industry. I learned firsthand how to be a successful salesperson, as well as effectively researching and storing important information for upcoming shows. Project Ethos was the perfect place for me to start as I enter further into my education and working career. There was a casual, positive feel in the office; music was always playing, and we, food-obsessed interns, always had our 2 o’clock lunch break, after drooling over every online menu.

Not only did I gain personal experience and education about business, I learned the importance of teamwork and cooperation within an entire company. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses, extra knowledge about one place, artist or genre of music, and when all shared and collaborated, it makes things go smoothly and time effectively. Whether I was calling and inviting VIP curators or researching new venues, or even writing blogs, these past few months working at Project Ethos have taught me important lessons for the years to come. I have gained confidence in my abilities as an employee and as a knowledgeable salesperson for the company.

I look forward to continuing my studies at USC, even as I change my mind on my career choice probably every week. I hold strong interests in law, business, psychology, and even French, but I know that no matter where I end up, I will look back on this internship with great merit and appreciation.

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