Monday, July 18, 2011


By Marra Manansala
For most of the designs in AdoreCarol’s line of charms and jewelry, little things do come in small packages. Sometimes I don’t know what’s cuter – the fact that Carol Margaret Reyes of AdoreCarol is probably the cutest nineteen-year-old I have ever met, or the charms themselves.

My personal favorites are the cupcakes. It’s an ultra girly addition that I can’t wait to attach to my cellphone. All of them have such exquisite details, from the bows to the ridges of the cupcake frosting. Even the color combinations are a sure standout.
In addition to the cute charms, AdoreCarol also offers cute earrings and necklaces that are also specially crafted and painted.

Check out this cute cellphone charm!

Admit it. You walk into a Forever 21, buy a pair of earrings, and think nothing more of the actual process of what goes into it. The charms, small enough to pass through a ring hole, are all specially crafted and painted by Carol in her own apartment. You can only imagine the time and patience that goes into it. AdoreCarol will be sold through very soon, so keep on the lookout.
In the meantime, for any of you who are interested in getting tips to create your own polymer clay pieces and seeing more art she has made, be sure to visit Carol’s :

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