Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Project Ethos Fashion: The White Noise is Loud!

by Janea Moreto

Wearing white pants has always been a stigma for women, but designers such as Bottega Veneta, Alexander Wang, Christian Siriano, and Thakoon are challenging women to push the boundaries this summer and go all out in white. And I'm talking pure white. Whether it be the little white dress or the attention-demanding white suit, the crisp color makes your summer tan look extra yummy.

If you're worried about your white getting dirty, just be sure to wear it to the right occasion. An all-white outfit is probably not the best choice when running around town doing errands or such. Stay clear of dirty seats, and make sure the food goes into your mouth, not your lap (you'll be surprised how often that happens). It doesn't hurt to carry around a Tide-to-go, either! I know it sounds scary, but it is definitely do-able, so come closer to the white!

Most of the runways trending the white-out are seen as minimal-chic looks, no fussy accessories, makeup or hair. So it being summer, white is probably one of the easiest "throw-it-on" trends--think simplicity. Let the white speak for itself.


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