Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Project Ethos Music Spotlight: Telefunk

by Lacee Blancher

Calling all music junkies…listen up! You are going to want to be the first to know about this up and coming band called Telefunk. Although the group is reasonably new to the music biz, they have already gained a substantial fan base in a small amount of time.  Telefunk is an American Alternative Hiphop/ House group formed in 2009 by two brothers, Producer, Rapper and Multi Instrumentalist Chukwuemeka “Ryan Francisca” Nwankwo and Singer/Songwriter Chinedu “Troy Francisca” Nwankwo in their apartment in Costa Mesa, CA. Despite the fact the band is fairly recent, both brothers had started making records back in 2003 when Ryan produced their mother ‘s first studio album titled Hello Africa. The album was marketed in South Africa, but never got any recognition. Their lyrics are 100% original from everyday experiences and musical sounds are produced from basically nothing but pure talent and skill by Ryan and his keyboard.

You may ask…how do I know so much info about this band? Google? Research? Rumors? Word on the street? ... No, in fact I have had a great opportunity to meet the band and despite their busy schedule, hold a meet and greet. So in fact, all these details are well-documented from the mouths of the band members themselves. Also, I was able be a fly on the wall behind the scenes at their latest video shoot for their new song "LA Anthem", and obtain an intimate, on camera interview exclusively for Project Ethos. Keep checking our blog because it will be released soon with private clips from the video shoot in downtown LA. To boot, the members of the band have a contradictory self-image. When talking with them of course they think their music is amazing, which clearly it is, but on the other hand, they have a humble attitude. For example they explained a story to me when they were walking at a shopping mall like any other day, when a fan recognized them and mentioned how their song touched his life, which was almost like an unreal situation. Also, to their surprise, the fan was an older aged man who was not their ultimate target market. This circumstance reveals the diversity Telefunk has to offer.

One characteristic the band possesses that sets themselves apart from other groups is the sense of closeness and family between everybody involved in their lives. Obviously, the brothers share a special bond, but that is beside the point. They use their own home for meetings, video/photo shoots, producing and writing their music, use the same cameraman, same sponsors, models, stylists, makeup artists, anybody who may be involved in any aspect. Furthermore, Troy Francisca is the main songwriter for the group. His view of music is also another attribute that sets them apart. In his view, of course fame and fortune is an ultimate goal, but certain songs he writes are personal, too confidential for public enjoyment.

Merely from spending a small number of days on set with the band members from Telefunk, in only a few moments they have already allowed me to recognize their passion for not only music overall, but the infatuation with the music they create. This is why Project Ethos is so amazing. We acknowledge up and coming musicians, artists, and designers who have enthusiasm, fire, and talent, and back them with the belief that they can make it big in the industry. These artists may be discovered with a bit of help from our team, because of course tremendous time and effort from our company goes into planning and executing the events, but good ole talent is what gets them recognized.

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