Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Bold and the Beautiful

By Thelma Annan

‘Tis the season to be colorful! Bold and bright colors are definitely in this summer. Introduced in early spring, the trend of color blocking, bright lips and eyes does not seem to be dwindling down anytime soon. So go beyond your comfort zones of blacks, whites and greys and embrace the colorful change.

The Bold – Color Blocking

Afraid to take the entire color plunge? Start off small if need be by balancing out your brights with neutrals. Start with one color block piece, such as a pair of colorful shorts, or pants and add a neutral one. You can also try matching up your color block piece with a sullen patterned piece.

Try a head-to-toe color ensemble for a more dramatic look. You can take the safe, yet equally fashionable road with a color block jumpsuit or dress. Or you could also put separate pieces together. A nice pair of pants, paired with an equally colorful blazer, or any other kind of outerwear will do the trick. To ensure success, try sticking with the adjacent hues on the color wheel, but don’t be afraid to experiment!

Color blocking can apply to shoes as well. Footwear possesses underestimated potential. The right shoes can tie an entire outfit together. Slip on a pair of these shoes to add to your colorful ensemble, or simply to add an unexpected pop of color to your outfit. Whether one bold color or multi, shoes can make just the right fashion statement.

The Beautiful Beauty Essentials

Pucker Up: A lipstick shade gaining a lot of attention this season is coral. Coral is a color that is appealing on every skin tone, offering just the right amount of style and individuality. So don’t be afraid to take this color for a spin!

Eye catching: Colorful eyes are an essential this summer season. Add a pop of color to your eye shadow and eyeliner routine. Try focusing on colors such as golds, greens, purples and yes, even blues. Dusted across your entire lid, or simply swept along your bottom lash line, these colors are sure to allure.

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