Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Project Ethos Fashion: Turband Trend

by Sarah Clifford

I’m one of those people who really can’t pull off a full on turban, so the turband is the perfect alternative.  The turband is the love child of the headband and the turban…or just basically an elastic headband with a slipknot in the front.

They’re easy to find pretty much anywhere that sells hair accessories (try Nasty Gal or Gold Saturn), but they’re even easier to make.  All you need is a scarf or long piece of fabric.

The ‘How To Tie A Turband 3 Ways’ video gives a step-by-step guide for tying 1) The I Love Lucy, 2) The Hermes Way, and 3) The Moroccan Princess (my personal favorite).

The turband has been seen on everyone from boho queen Ashley Olsen to countless fashion bloggers.  The hassle-free headband is ultra-chic and added bonus: it can stylishly hide a bad hair day.

Now just pair with some cat eye sunnies and you’re set.

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